I Don't Usually Get Behind BALG's Marketing Campaigns

… they do them, lots of weird shit I don’t get, it’s all good. :wink:

I’m an English housewife, secretary, a no-one - no desire to be published, nothing immortal, or woo. :wink:

But the vodou launch thing, oooooh… I can safely say - if any cunt wants to try and say people (white people and others) cannot initiate, and command (yes, COMMAND) Lwa, I am doing this right now.

I am not initiated by a vodou (or however you spell it TODAY) person, or any other kind of twat. I just WANTED it enough - which is how people have always got ahead.

Come at me - I’ll be the fucking canary in this mine.


I’ve been on this forum just over 3 years (check my profile) and I am taking this to you.

I mean this, because it is time this superstitious fear and terror of the ATRs was lead to dust.

Come at me houngans, mambos, whatever - if you can take me down, you win.


I’m white, arrogant, and you cannot touch me, nor stop me… :wink:

(Btw this has NOTHING to do with E.A., Timothy, they don’t even really know me or give a shit - they just probably figure I keep their forum tidy, don’r know, don’t care - this is me - ME! Come at me, now! I will repel and thrash your lame asses until you’re left finding excuses…)


Just let me know if you need anything. Remember my expertise is protective magick. I am VERY protective of my friends and I consider you and evryone here my friends. All of you welcomed me with opened arms and that means a lot to me. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Enjoy anything, and please send love and/or energy, but I do still say to them, come on - take me down if you can.

Ahm only a gal, and not even famous, and so very white… :stuck_out_tongue:

I post on here a lot, if I duck out a few days some people know where I am.

If those cunts could take me - which they cannot - I would one day appear to log out, and never come back.

Meanwhile, back on duty - c’mon, cheepie cheepie chirp chirp! :slight_smile:


I guess it all depends on who you talk to I have known practitioners who never shut up about it and race is not so much an issue as they just like to hear themselves talk and will divulge secrets all night so long as the rum keeps flowing.

Without having seen this video, I’ll merely make this comment:

Personal power means infinitely more than the current you’re steeped in. I would put my money on a badass in the Fae current over a shit talker in an African diasporic current.


Having watched the video, I’m 100% in favor of this. Though I have no desire to practice Voudon, I regard the idea that people are the gatekeepers between humans and spirits to be complete nonsense. To me, this is no different than the HOGD pulling their 0=5=8=6=5 Grand Zelator Magus Ipsissimus shit where you go through three thousand “grades.” The spirits are and will always be the link between man and the occult.

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Huh? O.o
Is someone attacking/threatening you, Lady Eva???

[quote=“VajraMahaSiddham, post:6, topic:8685”]Huh? O.o
Is someone attacking/threatening you, Lady Eva???[/quote]

Nope, just fancy a bit of the pie for myself, and so do all my friends. :slight_smile:

I was initiated - had a Lwa permanently placed in me, if that makes sense - by a member of this forum a while ago: breaking contact with the Lwa out from the sole ownership of religion (whilst still respecting the religions’ right to maintain initiation, and basically have whatever rules they like for their own followers) is important, right now, and my statement is regarding this.

I was also possessed as fuck when I typed it, we had a wild night which had been pre-planned without any reference to what BALG are doing this week with newsletters, so it seemed an opportune and “coincidental” time to make this statement. :slight_smile:

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BUMP. :wink:

Well damn then @Lady_Eva :smiley: That was kinda hot actually

You started to sound like me when a human or spirit tries to challenge me lol :joy:

Ik this thread is Dead, old, and decaying but I do necromancy so…

Thread, i command you to RISE AND BUMP! :wink::joy:

Thread rises and bumps

Fuck yeah.

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I sense a most foul work of necromancy.
Oh, it’s Micah.