I don't understand [dream analysis]

Why would I have a dream I sort of, was gifted a baby elephant in it?

As I was just saying to @Zoclora, funnily enough :slight_smile:

Dreamwork usually go in Divination as they’re used for soothsaying/prophecy and/or it takes some divination work to interpret them. :slight_smile: :+1:

They’re also highly personal and symbolic or metaphorical, with memories mixed up with symbols and worse, when you don’t know about a thing, the subconscious finds the first thing in your memory that it reminds you of, and uses that to say ‘well, it’s like this’ but then people take that literally and the real meaning is buried.

It’s worth sitting own with pend and paper, making a list of the objects and ideas and asking yourself what this means to you, what it represents if it was a part of you or your life, and go from there. Pay more attention to the emotions than the imagery. How you feel about a thing can clue you in to what it actually represents.

So, what do elephants represent to you, why a baby? why was it a gift, who gave it to you, what do these represent and are they about parts of you?


Oh shit, I had to read this in between multiple hours to actually understand.

That would be so easier if I actually remembered my whole dream honestly, alls I remembered I was gifted the baby elephant and I kept her somewhere in my yard, I adored and I was petting her.

Elephants comes off as strength to me, remover of obstacles, courage, intelligence, loyalty.

I wouldn’t know why? I think the gift came from a place of expectation of whomever actually gifted me.

I wouldn’t remember who gifted it to me but there were familiar characters in the dream.

Before and after the dream, a spirit spoke to me extensively non stop in a lucid state for about 10-15 minutes but well, I wouldn’t remember a word neither (dull brain) I’m still trying to figure out who the spirit was, last one I reached out to was Lucifer and that was around may ( I have been inactive spiritually and on the forum also) we have a nation wide academic strike thing so I left campus and I’m home with my parents, not that they wouldn’t allow me practice or meditate but I feel it’s not conducive enough for me so I’d just been off…
Well I didn’t think anyone needed those infos but whatever lol
Do you mind adding your weight? @Onion really missed talking to you…

In this case, it could be a nudge from your subconscious to not neglect your magickal studies.

Maybe your baby elephant is your budding strength as a mage, and it’s a gift from yourself to yourself when you put in the work to nurture it and let it grow. :thinking:

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Now when you put it like that, I think I got the message! Thanks for shedding light

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I mean, it’s pretty cool when you consider what baby elephants turn into :smiley: Seems like a message of great promise.