I don't normal pay much attention to my dreams but

This dream bothered me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.

Last night I had this dream where I was watching a group of friends try to dig to hell. I remember alot of the details. The beginning is all blurry, mostly just them hanging out eating lunch and about to go dig. I don’t remember how they got there but they dug into a white wooden door. One of the members of the group said I don’t think we should open that door(I’ll don’t know any of there names but I’ll call her Anna), you might not be ready for what beyond that point. The guy shrugs (I’ll call him Andy) and opens the door. Once opened Its a door way into a bright sunny day with a grassy Field with a white modern house in the middle. Andy stands stunned in awe for a few seconds. He sees little kids running from a gorilla. The gorilla grabs one and rips the leg off of one of the kids. The other kids try to run for the door but Andy slams it shut and yells at the group to get out of here. They take a pulley system up and get out into the town. The rent out a motel and try to forget what happen. The other group members stay silent and cry themselves to sleep. (At this point my point of view goes into first person. I’m now watching through the eyes of Andy.) I lay down and start to shut my eyes. The last thing I remember before I fall asleep is the dim street light shining through the shades of window in the motel. I open my eyes while still lying down. I see the shades are gone, and I can see the edge of the roof I’m under. I remember the motel had a flat roof. I start to think I’m in a dream. I stand up and look out the window. I see a grassy Field and a white door at the end of it. I start to flip out and yell “but i closed the door!” “I didn’t go inside of it! Why am I here!”. I start to go down stairs and onto the front porch. I see the kids that I saw before. They run up to me and hug me and say “thank you for saving us”. I say “saving you from what”. One kid looks over and points to the gorilla I saw before. Except it started to shape shift and morph into other animals and finally decided on a bear. The kid lets out a screech and starts to run. The bear start to chase the kid. The bear out runs the kid quickly and digs it’s claw into his leg. I stand in shock as the whole thing happens. The bear claws the kids back than places each jaw onto each of his temples and slams his head shut. The bear looks over at me with blood dripping from his mouth and starts to walk twords me. I run into the house and shut the door behind me. I yell “what the fuck is going on!”. I look infront of me and I see anna. She has a look on her eyes that she has seen something worse than I have. (The dream switched into Anna’s perspective). I point at the closet door and and Andy opens it. He sees the same thing I did. One of the group members are sawing one of the other group members limbs off. Andy slams the door shut and yells we gotta get to that door. Andy bolts out the front door when I stand still in the house. The front door closes on me. And two duplicates of myself are standing Blair witch style. They can only look forward. I move closer too them and I can hear and see ghostly faces trying to get out. Screening for help. I sit down in a corner and start to sob. I start just saying the names of all the friends I’ve lost. All of my family members. Just listing them while I loose all hope. I hear Andy’s screams outside as the shape shifting spirit kills him. Right after than Andy runs downstairs and asked what’s going on.

After having this dream there are things I know that the people in the dream didn’t before. I knew that it was a shape shifting spirit. I know that you couldn’t ever die and we’re always scared and trying to get out. It was a endless impossible goal. It kinda reminded me of the feeling I got when I watched mid sommar.

A couple hours later I go out of my room into my living Room and see a white wooden door on the TV. The scene was short but it happened right when I entered the room. Later in YouTube I saw a picture of the place in my dream, just without the house. It looked like this.
All I know is if I encounter a place that is like this in my life, I’m out.

Is this just a worthless dream with tons of details or is this something else. I would be surprised I you read this far.


Oh shit! I suck at dream interpretation, that’s my husband’s thing, but the gorilla attacking children, the pulley, a motel and shapeshifting are all things I had recurrent dreams about when I was a child, before I realized I was really different from other kids. Was there any fire in your dream?

I don’t have much to add, but reading this gave me chills. My version haunted me probably from 6-8 years old.


The doorway to Hell leads to endless suffering.


I knew something was up. Not even my card are able to give me a clear answer. There was no fire that I remember.


All I got so far from the cards is a new relationship and difficulty communicating. The only way to think of this is something is try to contact me. But the problem is, Im taking a break from spirits to further work on myself.

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You mention you’re taking a break from spirits, this makes me think you are finding a higher self, or perhaps realiztion. It took a while to realize, but dreams I had in connection with yours were all about fear, realization, and acceptance.

The gorilla is the animal in all of us along with a tendency towards violence, the shapeshifting shows that you can become what you need WHEN you need it, limb loss is always something you think is a part of you but only because you cling to it, and the door is the next level of awareness.

If you can, go through the door when you feel ready.

Oooooh. That makes sense. But did it have to be so gory lmao???

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Lol! I’ve always wondered the same thing! I grew up on horror films and true crime shows, so the gory parts never really bothered me. The bizarre-ness is what always stuck with me

Horror movies never bothered me either. But this dream takes the cake. I woke up like wtf. Did I just survive silent hill of something. I hate the idea of a open grassy Field thats always sunny and bright. There is just something off about it. I think I get it now. That is my hell. Little while ago I was practicing scrying. I wanted to see hell. Hell is on the astral so I thought I had a shot at peeking at it. Well I think I saw something far worse than hell. Being trapped in a everlasting sunny field with a shape shifter.

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I have a update. Just woke up from a dream about loosing the same for over and over again. Im starting to see a pattern.

I’m going to be the odd one out and suggest it’s possible this shapeshifting spirit is actually terrorizing these souls. And they are calling for your help. It’s not your hell, but theirs. And they are trapped.

Truly the odd one out lol. But it’s fine. I’ve never heard of this happening before. But I am intrigued on where you pulled this from. Has this kinda thing happened to someone else before?

Well, I just remember a dream I had once. It was a normal dream. Until this old man suddenly started to come towards me, pulling this vortex with him. I understood that he had died already. He wanted me to help him. I believe if I was ready and walked into that vortex, I would have entered the realm he was stuck in and I could have helped him.

However I wasn’t ready for such work. So I woke up shortly after his appearance. Of course, I could be totally wrong, lol. It just struck as me as weird that you saw through the perspective of multiple people and they weren’t you. This is usually done when a spirit wants you to understand what they perceive.

And that being tried to attack you as well as them. Yet it favored them. So it just didn’t seem like your hell, but theirs.

Most of the time I’m not the main person in my dreams. But when I am that’s when shit goes down. I have a reoccurring dream that I’m in a car chase. And I’m in the car that the police are trying to stop. Usually what happens is I don’t take a sharp enough turn so I hit a really hard object and fly out of the windshield. It usually takes 20 seconds to actually got something with my body. In that time it’s the most relaxing, the most beautiful moment ever. It feels so good to fly through the air without control of anything. Even though I know I’m going to go splat once i hit something, it’s so nice me. But once I go splat I wake up violently. But sometimes I dont wake up… So I just walk around in the black of night, with orange street lights as my only light. I will walk around familiar streets in my town but they will always change and morph. Like my house is on top of a hill but there is a new road that take me up the hill. But once I enter my house it’s interior is my old house. But that house is also morphed into longer hallways and a small kitchen. My dreams are beautiful to me lol.

That’s interesting. I think that speaks to something of your nature, but I’m not sure what it is. That you experience dreams not usually as yourself but from other’s perspectives.

Haha. Yes, dreams are amazing and profound.

I think it’s probably a past life or some shit like that. Died in a car accident. Shit happens