"I don't know where i'm going from there. But i promise it won't be boring

Good Afternoon.

If i keep losing my focus i will have to wish you all a good evening instead. Ok, so. Here i go.
I’m LadyStardust, which is obviously not my name but reveals much more about who i am than a few letters picked by other people. Let’s say i’m 29, it’s a matter of days now.

I’ve been kidnapped (that’s how it felt) three years ago or so. I don’t know if it really counts as practicing magic since i never used the knowledge i slowly gained to get something i wanted. But there definitely was something going on there. I am still trying to find the essence of it but the two lines i keep bumping into are leading to a Celtic form of Shamanism or the Volvä path. Which are kind of the same and kind of different.

Once again, things kept pointing here so here i am.

I’m not expecting much. Expectation is a poison. But i’m actually very curious. I’ve had to go all this way on my own, unable to get help or anyone i could relate to. I’m looking forward meeting new people and broadening my mind. I’ll of course share my humble knowledge and help as much as i can.

I’m sure it will be a pleasure.


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you. Still getting used to the rules and how it works. :slight_smile:


Glad you made it to the forum. The rules here are pretty extensive but I think for me they all some up as the one word respect. I’ve seen people here get banned for 1000 years, so I’m sticking around until they return LOL