I don't know what to call this, but the moon gave me a symbol I asked it for

Okay so, I have been setting up art related to things I think are relevant in my room. I did Lucifer’s sigil first, got the taste for it, and then I did one related to manifestation when I got sudden inspiration. I looked for a long ass time for a symbol I could use as the “base” of the art, and never found one that fully clicked. I was struggling over MAKING one, when a massive high pitched frequency showed up. I was confused, trying to see if a spirit was trying to get my attention nearby. No, no one. But I did find a disturbance of energy that caused it, which reminded me of the one night of the full moon.

It is a full moon now.

I walked out onto the porch to look at the moon. I then remembered some post where Marbas claimed that the moon held many secrets, and that literally just looking at it would reveal a lot. So I did. Then, eventually, I closed my eyes, and I saw a book. A book full of symbols, old symbols, and it flipped pages rapidly, before putting itself pages down on the ground. I saw a moon, shining with white light on the cover. It set aflame.

I looked up to the sky to see the moon, but this was in my visualization. IT was bright. Too bright. It’s light revealed little patches of my skin and the entirety of the ground to be strings of light, that plucked and reverberated.

A very attractive man appeared before me, constructed from this light. He came up very close to me. I enjoyed this.
He circled around me and on the other side, of me, revealed a book full of scratchy marks and crap I don’t under stand, probably some weird geometry. But the one stand out thing was this (crude recreation)

It’s like a weird hourglass, but more twisty. It also reminds me of an interception point of two spaces. Weird.

In any case, I get the feeling it will do what I wanted it to do as is, but I am going to gloss it up a little.


This is a bad angle but I’m taking it with a chromebook soooo yeah sorry.

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Also, for those who want to know what it does, I wrote these basic qualities out that I wanted when I was trying to make the symbol on my own.

“Energy sustaining and healing, purifying, heightening, restoration. Divine relaxation, ease and rest. Constantly becoming stronger.”

Those keywords are probably what it picked up on.

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It’s a tensor field look it up. Very interesting info on what they can do. Here’s a pic of one of mine


So unsurprisingly my brain doesn’t work well with quantum physics. Or geometry. It’s not quantum physics.
|Can ya give me the short explanation of what it’s basic purpose is?

@Maxwell I don’t know why but I get drawing down the moon vibes from this. It’s a ritual used to invoke the moon (in its many deitic forms) into yourself but of course tweaked into a solo ritual rather than group.

The symbol reminds me of moon vortex its purpose to channel the energy from the moon to yourself. You could imagine yourself inside this vortex during the ritual I mentioned above.

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Sweet! It’s more of an implement in my room than anything, to make it a sort of recovery space. Working well so far, the energy is very acute, which is something I am not used to

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@Maxwell Well sounds like it’s going ok so far maybe try and incorporate the moon vortex into the next version of the ritual both symbolically drawing the symbol on the altar and also imagine it happening during the ritual when you call the moon’s energy.


thats really neat
ive been wondering about this high pitch noise that’s been going on and i forgot what it meant until i found your post kdmlksd thanks

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