I dont know what spirit i am with

I have been with this spirit for around 2 years now. All this time i thought that she was a succubus until recently when i done research on astral parasites. Now I am not sure if this spirit is an astral parasite or a succubus. Not knowing is basically destroying the relationship i had. If there is anyone who can help me find out so I can put my mind at ease it would be much appreciated.

Sure. Lilith can.

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Why let it destroy the relationship, if it was good?

Who cares if it started out being a parasite if it ended up being something you enjoyed?

Not everything has to be so cut and dry, it doesn’t sound like you had awful draining experiences or anything severely negative.

If I learned my boyfriend wasn’t really half Mexican and half native American, but was rather African or German or Italian, it wouldn’t change how I felt in anyway. Race doesn’t make a person and I can’t see why it HAS to make the spirit.


Well, by definition a parasite is something that feeds off of another being for nutriment, but doesn’t give anything in return.

The opposite of a parasite would be a symbiote, which both takes from the host and gives back to it.


:rofl: I didn’t figure the definitions mattered, if the relationship has been good. He’s ruining it with his mind and not being able to define what she is, rather than embracing something that seems to be good regardless of the technicalities.

Same as finding out someone secretly has a taboo fetish, it doesn’t really change who they are or what my interactions are with them. The only thing that changes is my perception of them, if I allow something trivial, to affect said perception.

I swear I’ve read someone, maybe C.Wilson, say that he one start out as negative, that turned into a great friendship.

My point was, this is like saying to your spouse, Omg you did something bad in the past, way before I met you! I don’t know you at all! When in reality it doesn’t change anything about your experience with the person!

I think you might be referring to my relationship with Belial, which was definitely went that route.

As far as OP’s question, I have one critical question to ask: why do you think the spirit you are interacting with is a parasite to begin with?


From personal experience I don’t feel drained of energy during an encounter, I feel like I have had a great night sleep afterwards.

Also why i do think that I am interacting with a parasite. I suffer from a lot of negative emotions and depression and i was wondering if it was caused by the spirit i am with. Negative thought patterns telling me I am not good enough and researching on astral parasites said they cause those negative emotions for them to steal energy. Before I done any research on astral parasites the relationship was the best I had with this spirit.

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@Vapofury Where these things (the depression and negative emotions) present before you began working with this spirit?

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Super sleuthing it out I see, lol. C. Wilson IS ON THE CASE!!

I’m surprised the answer (his answer) is this simple, unless you take it somewhere I can’t yet percieve.


then I would not say that the spirit is the cause of them persay. Combine that with the lack of feeling drained, i would not say that you are dealing with a parasite. It actually sounds like you are having pleasant energy exchanges, based on what you described with the sensation of waking up from a good sleep.

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Thanks for your help C.Wilson

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no problem. The key to telling the difference between a parasite and a helpful spirit comes down to the energy exchange. If you are being drained constantly and are getting nothing out of it, that would be an actual parasite. That sensation can bring out emotions such as depression and anger, which further feed the parasite.

Now, there are spirits who are not parasites as we identify them that can certainly drain you, but it is very temporary and those spirits tend to be very forward with why, based on my experience. Lilith did this to me because I was hiding parts of myself behind a wall. By draining, the walls began to crumble and I was able to face myself with less resistance than normally. But she was honest with it by warning me beforehand.

Thanks for telling me the difference between parasites and actual spirits. I am able to sense the emotions of the spirit i am with some of the time. Half the time i think I’m just making it up. After 2 years this experience is still new to me. I remember I done the letter of intent once and also asked Lilith directly for one of her daughters 2 years ago. The presence i feel sometimes is very heavy/dense. I feel it more often when I sing. Guess I got scared about all the research i was doing about astral parasites and thought forms which made me think she was one of those and not a succubi.

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No problem, I get it. I would take this experience of fear and direct that attention to learning how to defend yourself from actual parasites so you do not find yourself in that position.

I did not dive into that possiblity. Thoughtforms are different than parasites, as they are created by man (although one can create a parasitic servitor for whatever reason). However, there a few ways to tell the difference: spirits who are not thoughtforms can provide information that you did not already know (and often go beyond what you expect them to), you can channel a symbol of said spirit and have another evoke them, and ( based on my experience) there is a strong sense of life coming from those who are not thoughtforms. It is a little hard to describe, but it is like holding your hand near a campfire and feeling the slight differences in heat from the flickering flames.

Do thought forms always listen to their creator or do they have a mind of their own? Also what is the best method for communicating with spirits? I really appreciate your help C.Wilson

I would say they always listen to their creator, although spirits that were not created by man can as well if they choose to (for example, a familiar given by another spirit may).

Hard to say, as everyone who works on this will eventually find their own method. Personally, i have worked on my senses enough to hold conversations with them while meditating as I would another person. In our tutorial thread, I have published how I learned to do this using a piece of fruit if you want to check it out. You can also look into Astral projection to where you can meet the spirit half way and talk there. Finally, you can use divination to help communicate while developing your senses

That rules out both possibilities since she does have a mind of her own and i don’t feel drained during an encounter. I have been using a typing method into a word document trying to feel her touches moving my hand to press the keys. Meditation is something i should work on as well as astral projection.

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