I Dont Exactly Know What This Is? Help?

Okay So, Basically I Got These Pure White Astral Butterflies, That Float Around Me. Sometimes One Turns To Dust, And Then Is Reborn, Happens To All Of Them. They Sorta Look Like The Rukh From Magi, But Like Actual Butterflies. Sometimes They Go Invisable When I Dont Focus On Them

Ive Looked Up Symbolism In This, And Nothing Seems To Match Besides The “Lighthearted And Carefree” Bit.

Id Like Some Input On What These Might Be. Please And Dankee.

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It could be how you perceive energy (as it can vary person to person). Many cultures ranging from the Greeks to the Aztecs also thought the shape of the human soul took the form of butterflies, so perhaps they are the spirits of the dead.


Thats Possible, Just The Only Thing Is They Dont Talk To Me, They Seem Mute. So Im Not To Sure About That.

I think in Psyche.
In fact I was reading hers fables before your question appeared here

The white butterflies are symbols of transformation and natural progress in life, perhaps also gaining knowledge.

Don’t fight those changes, but appreciate the gifts they bring you, like any transformation, they are all a part of a natural process.

Maybe you’ve been making too many changes, trying out different things. This might be an indication of need to settle down and focus and choose one direction.


Perhaps The Knowledge Part, Im Not Really Going Through Many Changes Atm, My Lifes Been Really Boring Tbh. Besides Spiritual Stuff So Its A Big Possiblity Its A Knowledge Thing. And I Do Have A Direction In Life, I Know What Im Gonna Do Etc, So I Dont Think Its That Either.

Begininng To Wonder If This Is My Mind Manifeisting These Butterflies Or Something

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Hiya OP! Butterflies are symbolic of souls, and I get the impression that you are surrounded by them, especially if they disappear without your focus. To me, this feels like you’re seeing the souls of people connected to you, could be living, could be ancestors. Neat perception! :slight_smile:

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Yeah Im Surrounded By Them Tbh, They Never Seem To Leave So Maybe It Is Somehow Related To The Souls Of The Dead Thing?

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I Doubt Its Sprites, But Thank You For Your Input!

Is your Ancestral line particularly active/fed by your relatives? Could be an interpretation of Ancestral power, too. :slight_smile:

Could Be, I Wouldnt Know Personally.

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