I don’t think spirits have physical incarnations - change my mind

I’ve been seeing a rise in posts where people claim that angels, demons etc. have already incarnated on the mortal plane.

This confuses me because I was under the impression that we give offerings to them because they want to experience the physical plane since they don’t have senses like we do. In fact, I thought part of their goals was to incarnate here.

If they don’t need to, then what’s the point of offerings? Or evocations/invocations? Why not find these incarnations and pay them to help us in magick? Am I taking this too literally?

If someone could explain this, I would greatly appreciate it, because I’m having a tough time believing it.


Offerings are an optional thing, not everyone gives them offerings, people place their own understandings on what offerings are for.

However, angels, demons, Gods, and so forth aren’t limited to a person’s understanding of why offerings are given. Humans can even evoke or invoke each other and give each other offerings.

When a human evokes another human they evoke their soul, their true self, the self of them that has knowledge of their time and what they learned between incarnations that their conscious mind has not accessed yet.

Demons, Gods, Angels, and so forth are not barred from reincarnation/incarnation, they can choose to just as we can.

If we can evoke each other, give offerings to each other, while we are incarnated/reincarnated it’s not impossible that they can do the same while being here.

Their goals are individualistic, there’s really no general goal to incarnate here, some come here for one reason or another.


Many spirits have incarnated various items throughout history.

Offerings are lot made because spirits want to have a physical experience… they are made as an exchange…like payment.

The offerings that we make represent things and are used by spirit to bring what we need.

You don’t get something for nothing…even in spirituality.

Are there some of our “gods” incarnated now…quite possibly… but during the human incarnation of a God…I’m not sure they are fully aware of the fact that they are a God.

Also remember…WE as humans ARE incarnated spirits in this life. And we are not aware of the spiritual reality of who we are and what we experienced in the spirit realm before incarnating. So yes…there are literally billions of incarnated spirits at this very moment.

But as for the higher order of spirits…the gods/demons etc… they are also incarnate in their natural elements. A God/Demon of water, for example, is incarnate in water, a God/Demon of Fire is incarnate in fire and so on.

We have to understand that spirits operate in a different way than physical matter. A spirit can be many places simultaneously…oh, you didn’t think that Lucifer was giving you undivided attention did you? Lol… well… he is and he isn’t! Lucifer can be dealing with you, me, and a million other devotees all at once and be fully present for each of us… because he is a spirit! And while dealing with all of us, can also be present and incarnate in the air element and any other thing that he governs!!! All at once!!!

Our offerings, basically, are us giving honor and thanks, showing reciprocity, etc… and many of the symbolic items we give are actually USED to deliver what we asked for.

Understand that spirits don’t need food, water, all the other things we offer. And it is erroneous to believe that a spirit ceases to exist because we don’t give it attention… unless it is an egregore…which is not, in my opinion, a true existence…

Is any of this helpful??? Lol


To my understanding, They don’t incarnate the whole consciousness, they sort of split off an aspect with a given collection of energies designed to purpose, or, create an egregore which is similar but more autonomous and may have extra bits from elsewhere or other entities, and that’s what becomes the consciousness of the incarnated.

I’m the latter type, for example, which is why i never felt like i had a higher self. As an egregore, the being that created me Durant have to have quite as much direct involvement in the incarnation, i don’t have lessons per se, I’m here doing a job, like a machine.

I’ve been doing it for long enough that I’ve earned/evolved sovereignty, but if i didn’t take that, since thIs is my very last go round i would have been dismantled and the energies returned to my creator. In the event of it i surpassed my creator, which itself was an aspect of a deity, and absorbed it to regain a direct contact with that deity.

There are more convoluted permutations than that. I quite like the object oriented programming concept of inheritance and instances as a good analogy.


Some do, but the fragment after some time of experiencing life of it’s own often times becomes its own being and no longer an aspect of its original self. However, any being can reincarnate/incarnate their entire consciousness into a compatible energy body/physical body.

I have no higher self because what/who I was all reincarnated here, not here on a job, or a lesson, just here because I was curious, some beings will watch from the sidelines but I find actually being in the literal shoes of what I was curious about made more sense.

Some of my friends were fragments of other beings who they later on found out they developed into their own beings, similar to if someone were to fragment their soul and put it into a thoughtform, that thoughtform becomes a real entity and that fragment becomes the spark of a “new” soul.


Those are some good points, actually.

So like… in terms of who they are in the physical realm, how can we tell?

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If they’re physically here, most times you won’t be able to tell unless you can soul dive them, or they tell you (and are legit about it) because you’ll also get people who misconnect things or are connected to that being in a sense of being related to them or being a child of that being that reincarnated, etc.

Some people on here I’ve found tend to be reincarnated reapers, demons, and some other things, not everyone but a few.


Yeah you might not be able to. The package set to incarnate may only represent a small part of the larger entity. Then some associations Will be relevant to multiple entities,

And then, thec way isee it, and this view is colored by my interest in shamanistic models, a physical incarnation takes all that and meshes it with an animal with otters own consciousness and instincts, plus, personality or soul fragments that get attached around the core spirit entity to make a soul. This is where fylgias and other not-core but not-base-animal pieces come in.

This is also why you can “die” and get personality changes, while still being the same person at the core, and how soul retrieval and fragmentation can occur, those imo are more to do with these more optional fragments that are essentially bolt ons and interchangeable.
Walk ins that get absorbed and lose personality (i had one of these a few years ago) get meshed into this part of the structure instead of remaining a distinct spirit posession as well. Imo etc.


They only send a piece of their self to incarnate here. I think they are waiting for a time where they can fully incarnate here without losing memory. At least that is what the spirits have told EA. In one of his videos he even talked about a ritual for doing so, but it would require a lot of power

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Yeah what @anon48079295 and @Mulberry said is also what I have found in my research of spirits.

When a fragment experiences its own life it ceases to be a fragment and is its own fully functioning soul/self. There’s also a lot of beings who reincarnate to forget their past. Fragments aren’t as common as they’re made to be, and if they are one wouldn’t know because the fragment becomes its own being and ceases to be in any way connected to its former self unless it was specifically released to, but it becomes something of a subordinate of the original.

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I believe they have senses like we do in their own plane of existence, but for offerings they just take the energy from it. They are non physical beings here, but they are physical beings there.
I bet people who are obsessed with food over here are probably eating more in the etheric or just creating hundreds if not thousands of meals a day in the astral without worrying too much about weight.
If you really want to know more about spirits being able to eat, astral project and eat. See if you can.

This is true, beings experience the same things we do, only difference is they are not physical here. Their plane is the same as our plane here, difference is energy is tangle to the naked eye. They don’t need to experience the physical for things related to senses. Our plane is just a different density and they have different reasons for coming here, some come here to escape, some to learn, some died and reincarnated here, some were forced here, there’s a plethora of reasons.