I don‘t do tarot reading for myself, could someone help me out?

Hey Lovelies :black_heart:

As much as I try and give others some „help“ with tarot readings as chaotic it tends to become if I do it at myself. Especially if its important to me.

Could someone please kindly have a look what happends if:

A: I will open an online shop for unique magical art/ designs and ritual stuff

B: I will try to find a job as designer and go ahead with writing applications.

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

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If you’re making magical art, I would suggest creating a page on Patreon.

Well thats an nice advice thank you!
But it doesnt answer my question :confused:

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I didn’t respond yesterday as I thought you would have received an answer quite quickly. So I’ll do a reading on your first question so long:

So from here I can see you’re looking for something new with the online shop, might be that your Magick has led you to this idea (well it’s a shop dealing with the occult so of course it’s due to your interest and experience as a magician). You’re a bit closed off about starting it since you first want some surety about it.

So, what will happen when you start the online shop is that you’ll have an influx of ideas, and you’ll be able to explore creativity more fully, so you’ll have many creative ideas and inspiration for your shop. If you were looking for something to keep you busy and occupied, then it seems this will give you many ideas to work on which can be what you’re looking for but I don’t feel that it is fully. Might not fully bring you what you desire.

The advice here is The Tower, so you might need to destroy some things, perhaps things in your past hindering this or certain ideas. I don’t feel that it’s saying to abandon this project. But you may need to destroy some things as you go along. I feel that it’s referring to something in the future.

So, your second question, what would happen if you try to find a job as a designer and go ahead with writing applications -

Seems it’ll lead to some hard work on your part, so you’ll be working hard on this one. The world is trying to move on a bit with the destruction of this pandemic, so that might bring some good opportunity. I see you are similarly also trying to move on from something, and you’re hoping that this will let you be able to move on. This entire situation by going into this job might lead to new love, a new relationship for you.

In the end, this situation leads to you having to make some difficult choices. Maybe it’ll lead to harmony for you, but the advice here is that you should restrict yourself in some manner in this situation. You might need to calm down a bit and restrict yourself from making some decisions. You have a lot of energy to go into this situation, but avoid too much.

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I know what will happen: Your online shop will become successful. I have faith that it will. :grinning:

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