I Do Not hate YAHWEH

Yahweh…People tend to hate him. But I don’t. And I don’t know why. I want to hate Yahweh, but I can’t. I can’t hate Yahweh. I keep trying. I truly do. But I can’t get myself to hate Yahweh.

Can I work with demons and dark forces if I do not hate Yahweh? Like I fear him. But I can’t hate him. And I want to go to heaven after my death.

This is one of those places, I need some experienced people.


Yes. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

I, personally, have no animosity or hatred towards any of the variety of gods people here and everywhere choose to worship, Yahweh included. I simply work with whatever forces I deem necessary, be they “dark,” or otherwise.


Ah…DarkestKnight to the rescue… :sunny:


I think this one’s mostly contextual. There are probably deities for whom 1 billion member plus imperial religions would have taken far worse lessons into the world and no one has problems working with them because that blight never happened. It just so happened, with the help of Constantine, Justinian, and a few others that a Hellenized heresy on Judaism was in the right place at the right time to catch fire in Europe and consequently across the west.


I don’t hate him either. I feel more indifferent towards him, honestly, especially since I know he’s not the “source of everything” and ultimately doesn’t dictate my fate any more than a rodent does.

So nah man, demons won’t hold it against you. It’s only if you’re intentionally disrespecting them that they would get upset. You’re good.

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XD thank you so much

I use to hate him as a child but that was because memories of my time before reincarnation involved him, a lot of it involved him and his obsession with power, and a few other things I am not really open with for certain reasons, but over time I stopped hating him because it got really useless. I can understand the power he wanted, I can see how it affected here and the part of the etheric plane we were on, among other things, do I believe the Yahweh people talk about now is the actual him? probably not, the amount of hatred for Yahweh most likely sprung a thoughtform with a lot more malice and power hungry thirst then the real one.

Some demons dont like him, some demons dont care about him, who you work with isnt basd off dislike and like, more on your own personal workings with them.


He’s one of my favorites on the forum!

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Just this last night I practiced a loop of reading a bit of Genesis then doing the Easy Summoning Technique thinking “God, God…”. Some time ago I began trying to solve my issues with Christianity/Judaism, so once in a while I experiment.

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why you think enki and ea has anything to do with eachother ? I mean, ea is probably enkis earthbred son, but enki is ET in your senses, ea is … well something else… great conquer ? or something

or anything to do with yahweh`

Enki is later known as EA (not EA koetting xD ) but the God EA in Akkadian and Babylonian mythologies.

your knowledge versus mine.

gl on you practices.

Lol more like mythologies vs your opinion but sure xD

“it came from television”

:rofl: don’t worry your head mate

As someone who experienced JoS related communities both online and irl, I can say in a scholarly way that my hamster could be Enki/Ea, the peanut butter jar could be Enki/Ea, and I don’t know if there are more Enki/Eas that I should know within that paradigm (“he is Squidward, you are Squidward, is there another Squidward I should meet?”, translated from Spanish since I haven’t seen that episode in English)

I don’t really follow JoS stuff, I’m speaking on other sources that state them as the same and EA is just another name given to him by the Babylonian people. Mainly because when it comes to occultist everyone and their mom is a mask of some single individual or some all father ish.


Yes, I’ve seen people start from that idea or come to that conclusion


I don’t hate hum but I still work with Lucifer so I think it’s fine

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