I did an obsession spell on this woman and

I’ve literally woken up from a dead sleep to check my Snapchat at like 3:20am or 2:30am or whatever random time she wakes up and when I open my snap she’s literally opening the message out of her own dead sleep at the same second. Like something is waking me up at the same exact second to check the message when she is when she wakes up in the middle of the night… what could that mean? It’s happened multiple times.

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It means she is an insomniac. I am too.


Right - but why would the OP be waking up at the same time as her?


The software is pretty much an obsession spell casting artifact.

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Personally I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to magic. Without knowing the exact spell that was cast, you may have linked your obsession to one another. It is also possible that the spell was strong, it’s alerting you to her movements.

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What u mean?

The software was designed and programmed to make people obsessed with using it so they can sell your attention to advertisers.

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It probably means you’re obsessed and may get in the way of your own spell, to be honest. “Lust for results”. Search for it and find ways to deal with it so your working can manifest.


Obsession spells are funny if you are obsessed with the target you want to obsessed for you. Obsession will make you obsessed to the one you wanted to be obsessed to you. Obsessed obsession obsesses obsessed obsessive.

Sorry, I lost myself on the attempt to break a record here. Okay, coming back to the plot, if you’re obsessed to anyone you make an obsession spell (I need to take care to not make it again), it reverberate within you in a way that will make you even more obsessed with the target.

I mean that sometimes is easy to think that this is just a sign, when it’s just you even more obsessed. “Oh, but I woke up from a dead sleep”, yes, because your brain never stop to work, and when you think about a target all day and night, of course you’re going to wake up many times just to check the phone. This is why people should work on themselves before throwing any spells at other people, because they need to be prepared for whatever it comes, and especially to not get drowned in their own obsession.

Obsession influences in the spell negatively (and with this last obsession, I think I broke the record. Ahhh, it’s good to be back lol).


can you present the spell to us and do you personally know this person. what the responses if you do

My internal alarm clock wakes me up when I need to wake up. I do not need an alarm clock. This has occurred since 11 years old. 49 now. I am sensing quite often now, when someone is watching me, I sense a presence just before they walk around the corner. This same auric bio electricity can likely be sensed from even around the world, if one is close to someone. So the aura and subconscious of both people and even pets, will be synced to each other… This could explain why you both get up and check the messages at the same time. Like a psychic vampire tendril/cord. There is a connection, a link. ( Just a possibility )

I drew a picture representing her… I wrote her name and birthday writing what I wanted with her being obsessed with me then my name and birthday… I drew lucifers sigil on the paper prayed to him with a candle burning then I came on her effigy I drew and sacrificed my blood. Then I thanked Lucifer and put the candle out… I do know her and we’ve been in a relationship for about 8 months but she’s been distant lately… in person she’s very loving and affectionate… like she seems obsessed in person most of the time…but when we aren’t together she’s distant.

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Maybe she just isn’t the type of person to call or text.

That doesn’t mean she’s not obsessed.