I did an obsession spell and then got blocked

Any updates?

Yes actually! I finished my original plan and I added a sweetening jar as well. He unblocked me and added my back on socials, he also has been talking nonstop to me, sending reels whenever I don’t answer in some time, saying sorry whenever he can’t answer for some time. We also have been flirting again, he went back to telling me how pretty and hot I am so I’m definitely on the right track!


Im happy for you!! Did you do anything else apart from those you mentioned?

Nope, nothing else

But if you’re trying to get the same results as me you can’t just do the exact same thing, you have to study what it going wrong in order to figure oit what actions exactly needs to be done

Did he ever say why he blocked you? Lol

Nope lol, I haven’t really asked questions since we just started contact again (although it’s been intense contact : texting all day everyday, a lot of flirting, etc). Maybe I’ll ask it later on but tbh I don’t really care that much haha

I get the feeling from reading your post that your spell is working just as you are hoping. Maybe he is becoming obsessed, and his current gf figured it out?
Please keep us posted on how it continues to go!

Well now that time has passed I can definitely tell you that it worked, he came back and he’s back to answering messages right away, telling me how pretty and hot I am, sending reels whenever I don’t answer for too long.

He’s not the cheating type at all and him and her have unfollowed each other on some socials so I definitely feel like they have broken up.

But yeah, your intuition was for sure right since at that time both him and her blocked me haha


What breakup spell did you do?

One I made up by combining a few things from other spellcasters. I love to get ideas from Arabian Conjure on Youtube, I personally used her idea to use drain cleaner in it to really poison and burn the relationship to the ground and added that to whatever I felt like doing at that time.

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Could you PM me with more details lol? :joy::sob:

You can pm me if you want with whatever you’d like to know

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I’m so glad you have gotten what you’ve wanted! I’m happy it turned out well :grin: