I Did A Tarot Card Reading For My Cat

So I thought I would make this fun post because it was funny.

I asked if my Cat could ask tarot anything that it most wanted to know what would the cards say to answer her questions and give advice to my cat. lol

Here are the first 3 cards.

9 of discs, 7 of wands, and 9 of wands.

My cat is interested in knowing how to gain, she is primarily interested in having victory over small things, she mostly cares about small things, she wants to gain more cat food and people giving her cat massage. She want more strength to gain more cat food and cat massage.

So then I did an upside down cross to figure out advice for my cat.

The center card represents what she is wanting to know about, she wants to know about magick to get the things that she wants, to get more cat food and to be petted more. The cards to the right and the bottom represent the outside factors, she lusts after the things she wants… (More cat food etc) she may need to resort to cruelty… waking people up at 3AM.

The card on the left and the one just below the card on top represents her options.
She can remain just laying around and be embrace being in peace or she can use oppression and go up stairs and start scratching at people’s doors to wake them up to force them to give her more cat food.

The top card represents her secret weapon… swiftness.


You say it’s cat food, but it could be world domination. Can’t just assume :joy:


Love this so much lol :joy:


o_o now I’m trying to work out if i can get my pony to pick out a runestone :smiley:

this was unexpectedly wholesome & slightly sinister in one post!


I am excited for your cat’s future