I DESPERATELY need help dealing with someone who is killing my sister

She is the most kindhearted, pure person I have ever met. She is 16, he is 20 and dating her. He treats her so disgustingly it makes me want to set him on fire. She used to be full of light and sunshine. She has lost the will to live and can no longer eat, she is 5’2 and 80 pounds. She has been hospitalized for 3 weeks now, soon to be 4. Her condition is not improving, and doctors say her heart could stop at any moment. She wants to die because of him, and is almost there. She even tried to stab herself, and seeing how he treats her I don’t blame her. Even while hospitalized he won’t leave her alone, and is stalking her and our family trying to find what hospital she’s in so he can destroy her.

I need help, ANYTHING anyone can recommend will help save a beautiful child’s life. Curses, binding, recommended entities, literally anything. This is an emergency.


First of all, I am terribly sorry this is happening. I don’t have much experience in baneful practices, I’m afraid. I haven’t worked with her myself, yet, but I feel Kali would be a good protective goddess to ask for help. Archangel Michael for protection can’t be beat. Archangel Raphael for your sister’s healing. Is there anything the police can do about the stalking/harassment?


Thank you for your response, protection for her seems like a great way to go. I have zero experience in baneful magick myself, but I am really desperate at the moment and don’t quite know where to turn. We currently have a lawyer trying to help us decide the best course of action, and it helps that the age difference makes the relationship illegal in our state.


I wish you, your sister, & your family all the best. :heart:

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Thank you :heart:

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Oh, I can’t believe I didn’t mention Santa Muerte!


I’ll echo everyone else in this thread, but also reccomend that you curse his ass!


I think id talk to Lilith.


Fuck that guy, i can send you energy if want as for recommendation i say hecate, She hates nastyness on woman that means that guy Its dead for her.


Call on Hathor (who will be able to work along with all the others suggested) to aid her in finding the will to live again, she can be very helpful where someone is tormenting themselves with food (too little or too much) - just print her image from her Wikipedia page and prop it up to the east, pray (send a telepathic appeal for aid, if you prefer) for her to aid your sister.

If you search my posts on here for her name Hathor there are posts about how to make something more elaborat, but fpr now, her image will begin to build that link.


Thank you so much everyone for all your help and suggestions :heart: Seeing all these recommendations gives me so much hope! I will definitely be using all of these suggestions.


Can you get a picture? You can maybe create a binding spell, but it would be better if she did it.

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You are good brother who wants to protect his sister…


First of all, like I said in another forum with a similar situation, get a social worker. I don’t work as one because of mental health issues, but I have my MSW and know that you could russle up many who would help a minor out of an abusive situation. Since she’s under 18, this guy could be charged with child abuse, and Satan forbid if something sexually ontoward happened, he could be charged as a sex offender.

Now that the mundane stuff is out of the way, I would recommend Alloces. He hates abusers, and he would rain down hell on him, pun most certainly intended. If this is a case of him being sexual with her, Marbas is known for hating pedophiles and is good for cursing them.

But if you really want to pack a punch, Lucifuge Rofocale is a serious curse-demon.


A picture of the person. From there have as much info on them such as name first and last if possible, I have heard birth date can be good as well, but the only times I did this I had a picture and a first name.

If you want to get really baneful and teach a lesson you can add the ingredients of your choosing.
I have done drug spells and a homosexuality spell. The homosexuality spell bit me back very hard.

In some ways the less baneful the less you risk of it biting you back.

Binding spells are nicer during the winter because you can grab a bunch of snow and put them in the snow.

But you can write on the photo things, if you want. It is nice cause you can be creative.

but if you put it in a box with water and freeze it that helps make the binding stronger.

You will want to get tinfoil and or some sort of mirrors. This is really great if you want to be baneful or just offer protection. I sort of want to just advice offering protection. So the idea when you wrap them in the 360 mirrors that what ever they do comes back so if they do good to your sister it comes back to them or if they do bad to their sister it comes back to them. The idea of adding more acts as a reinforcement.

Some like to then wrap it in string, but I strongly prefer a really good quality medical tape.

From there you say I bind you from doing harm against …

and I bind you with…


Sort of like in the movie the craft, from the 90’s lol.

You say this as you wrap them up completely in the medical tape.

From their you can seal it by burying it.

I think if you over do this, or more likely if they 360 mirror bind you back you can get into big shit. For example I drug binded them and instantly got back the drug high so I undid that and did anal pleasure, thinking I can bind him while spooking him out and get anal pleasure when I know he is up to something bindful against me, but since he had sent demons, or however it worked I got demons haunting me with perverted dreams while having anal pleasure.

Oh dear my days of magick battles.
How crazy, I am getting shivers just thinking of it.
But yeah Simple tinfoil stuff, is best.
I guess I’m sort of also saying that cause I don’t want to be responsible for any more bullshit right now but want to help you and your sister so a simple 360 mirror bind is pretty fine.

Anyways in my situation I am in right now, that is very complicated and no one responded to my long post yesterday I am thinking very carefully about what magick I wish to do next and I would prefer if you use a spell like “protect with love” spell from Damon Brands Mystical words of power. I have never done this one but all Damon Brands magick seems to work somewhere between almost all the time and all the time, it’s real magick in other words.

But I want to advise if you are doing any magick, even angel magick but especially baneful magick that you don’t get too impulsive, try to think it out really carefully. Use divination.

I like E A Koetings Upside down Tarot cross for determining a course of action. You can use oracle cards or even your own made up system of oracle cards like I have made or you can use dowsing.

Anyways I am very contemplative today and am probably over complicating it.
“The protect with love” spell by Damon Brand should be good, or the 360 mirror bind should be fine as well, if you are serious about doing anything.

I do also like the 360 mirror bind also cause if you want to undo it you can dig it up and unwrap it. I have done this as well and it is so amazing how good it feels because you can feel a piece of yourself come back to you when you release the bind.

I hope whatever you do things work out for the best.

As for me I think I may want to try just stay off this section entirely after this, I feel a bit ill just thinking and typing about this. lol


Goddess Morrigan it’s very useful with woman protection , can look into it

A 20 year old shouldn’t be messing around with a minor. Depending on where you live you can report him to the authorities. And report your parents for child abuse. There’s quicker ways you can handle this without magick and remain anonymous.