I decided to try to manifest the phoenix concept with magic

my last thread made me realise that this is the solution for me. I wanna kill the current me, “burn” the current me and raise a new me so the current me will be considered my past life. I will begin to try to kill myself with black candle ritual and i will bury the remaining wax in cemetery. Any tips?

My tip is to be careful and be prepared. I did something very similar, and while I do not regret it it was definitely a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Had I played it wrong I could have easily ended up actually dead or locked up with some psychotic diagnosis…

Ill say maybe reconsider, but if not I would be happy, as a person who has already killed himself in this way, to perform a funerary blessing over you.

If you manage to make this happen, and its anything like mine, you will be certain you are going insane. Your not. You are learning, like an infant does. And also, when you become nothing, all that remains is what has attached to you. Those things which seek to harm you and hold you down will be the loudest. Your first step after getting a hold of yourself should be to do very, very deep cleansing and banishing over yourself.

It will kick your ass. Be prepared to have no idea who you are. I had to write my name, age, and occupation at one point just so I had some semblance of an idea of who I was. I had forgotten. I was nothing, no one. It might not sound bad but your body will react I promise. Be prepared.

Let me know if you want that blessing.

Yes i want this blessing! And there is no choice in my case. I really really hate myself and my life. I need to restart myself. How did you.kill yourself exactly? And did everyone and anything from your past ( the old you) disappered? And i think that it is my destiny to reborn. 10 years ago i had a feeling that i will die when iam 30 and now i am 30. The time has come

You mean the mass of the Phoenix??? It is extremely powerful and works, it is pure caos magick but what happens after it serves the highest self of the witch/magician


Didnt hear about it

No. But I was reborn through my suffering.

The Mass of the Phoenix is a Thelemic ritual, an eucharistic ritual, based on the concept of the “cakes of light” described in Liber AL, I don’t know why you say that it is pure caos magick, unless there is a chaos magick version of it that I’m not aware of.

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