I created my own sigil and enn

And for some reason I feel kind of “weird” about it. It just came to me and i noted it in my BOS. My sigil looks just like those of demons. The swirls, triangles, circles. However, and I dont know why, it feels kind of… for lack of a better term, snobby. Sure of my self. IDK

My sigil burned in my third eye until I wrote it down. My enn just feels “right”. I put it in my book mostly for ancestors to whom my book is passed to. So they can reach me if needed.

Please tell me im not the only one lol

I’d just give it some time, you’ll get used to it :slight_smile:

The sigil I can kind of understand. I can use that in my spells. The enn though. That “calls” me. I dont need to “call” me. Feels akin to writing a will lol

Well, then why did you allow it to exist? If you don’t like it cancel it.

I’m not a demonolator so I don’t use enns, but I have a kind of repetitive prayer/mantra that I use to recognise and invoke my higher self. It’s like a spoken version of a sigil I use to build my spirit a little more. So I don’t see anything wrong with having an enn.

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I guess if I look at it that way im cool with it. If it connects me to my higher self then I understand it more. I guess it at first it seem a bit creepy as they kind of came out of nowhere in my mind. But if having my own enn and sigil is a “step up” then great.

How did you create your own enn ?