I Collapse During Pact Experience with Azazel

After evoking Azazel for ten days, he agreed to sign a pact with me. I’m obviously not going to name every aspect of the pact, but one of the things he wanted in exchange was sex, so I (albeit somewhat reluctantly) agreed. I say reluctantly because I haven’t really developed my senses enough to have sex with spirits.

I set up the ritual circle, blessed and consecrated everything, then wrote out the pact. It was weird, though, because Azazel is usually quite vocal, but last night he wasn’t really speaking at all. I started chanting his enn to evoke him so he could sign, and then my words cut out. I felt as though someone had grabbed my throat to stop me from speaking and started choking me, and I felt like I was gonna pass out.

But I shook it off, because the ritual still had to be completed and the pact signed. But I felt incredibly… drained?

I signed the pact in blood, then Azazel signed. My familiar showed up and was worried. I then closed my eyes, and my body collapsed.

My familiar is freaking out at this point and starts arguing with Azazel, to which i tell my familiar to shut up, because that’s a really bad idea. Everything is hazy and I can’t focus on anything, like I’m drunk or something. I’m also worried at this point because I promised I would have sex with Azazel and I didn’t want to break the pact right after I sign it. But he said it can wait, and that I was in no state to do so.

I’m not sure what happened but I’m still feeling tired today. I was playing music, then all of a sudden, my music stops, and I start hearing some sort of heavy breathing/growling on my speaker. I turn it off and pay no attention, but afterwards I realized it was fuckin weird. (One of my requests was perfect clairvoyance, so maybe…)

Does anyone have any idea on what happened?

On another note, I feel a change in me, like it’s gestating, but not quite external yet. I’m glad Azazel agreed to the terms, because I’ve heard he’s refused other people’s terms before. It was really weird and kind of anticlimactic.


i’m hearing that one of the reasons was so that you were totally sure you wanted to go through with the pact . when your familiar showed up and looked worried , it was kind of a warning that they wouldn’t advise you to make that pact. whatever was in it , the familiar didn’t want you to go through with . you could have developed this on your own and expanded your abilities. but , since you already signed the pact , just forget about it. let whatever was in it happen. stop worrying about it as your thoughts manifest your reality. obviously you’re gonna feel drained . you used a lot of your energy , (and blood !!) to go through with it . you put your FULL intent on it . you were in a state of tantra. but, this was a PACT. it’s obviously gonna go different than normal evoking. whatever happened happened for a reason, let it go. pacts are drainingggg . let the change happen and let it transform you and get what you asked for. be careful what you think. keep tabs with Azazel and ask him stuff. it doesn’t hurt.


You’re right, thank you. I don’t regret going through with it, I get why my familiar might be worried though.


no problemmmmm . and goood . but yeah it makes sense . ask your familiar why they were so worried though . hopefully it may help give you some more clarity about thisss .

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