I channeled the whole consciousness of darkness

I did a channeling of darkness literal force of darkness itself here is what I channeled

" doors are open, but this door is a floodgate and I am the devastation that floods from it, you have unleashed the primordial force of darkness, no entity or one singular being is as powerful or old than primordial forces ".

I asked " what are the original powerful primordial forces ".

The answer was profound

" the forces consist of darkness, chaos, light, the void, and death, these are the forces of true godly form ".

My second question

" if you are darkness what are you really "

Darkness replied

" I am just that darkness, nothing spawned me nothing hides me even in the brightest light I still exist in mineral form, your body is comprised of inner darkness, the minds labryinth has my shadows cast within it, but do not see me as evil or good.

For these are mere mortal implications there is no good there is no evil there is only darkness, the nessacary, even you are my child all of you are, your shadow is a constant reminder of my presence harbour your shadow then you harbour power ".


nice. First the ancient serpent and now darkness itself. “light” seems a little out of place in that list though.

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Not really, if you think of it as a balancing force. One can not truly exist without the other.


it would have been darkness, light, chaos ,order, existance and the void, life and death then.

True, that did ocure to me after writing that out. This does make for a bit of a conundrum, wouldn’t you say? I agree Light is the odd one out. Could there possibly been a laps in communication and they just got part of the list?


Possibly yes during the conversation a chaos took over a bit.

So it’s possible, it’s seems that light is a odd one but don’t forget light is life, intelligence, prophecy, enlightenment, the cosmic force.

But order actually escaped the list, of you really think of it.

There isn’t really order in this world, cosmic order maybe but literal order I wouldn’t say it is truly apparent.

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I think that might be a matter of prospective.

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Yeah true but I’m trying to look at it from outside the box, order does exist in higher planes and higher existences.

In our material dense physical world, order is sort of out of play.

Order on this planet is forced and controlled, order I’m the universe is present with things like the orbit of planets if you will.

But then comes a freaky asteroid, or the rays of the sun escaping the actual sun.

Order is present but not to fullness in our world if that makes sense.

Interesting theory. I will have to do a bit of looking into this myself. Being how I view things to be in a content flux to maintain balance.

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what if i told you that freaky asteroids are part of a much bigger “Order?”

Could there not be a Randomness in Order ? A neccessity for things to happen in a random fashion?

think about it, there is randomness in water (particles vibrate in all directions). Yet liquid water stays as water. Your breath is irregular, yet your respiratory system maintains the oxygen levels in your blood.


True I had the idea that everything followed a balance like a cosmic or universal balance.

But when thousands of us change the universe we obviously hit things out of balance, it’s pure logic.

When we change the universe we live in we disrupt the continuous flow of balance.

That being said I do not believe that balance and order is completely in void.

Yes while this is true, our breath goes out of order which leads to asthma and or death.

Now I have thought of that perhaps, there is a higher order in play, but then again we create order.

The universe wasn’t created or even spawned in a balanced or ordered way.

It came from a singularity, then a chaos played importance, like the Big Bang if you will not that I am saying this is how the world was spawned but it is just a theory.

If order was present, then why do rich become richer and Poor become More pure.

Wouldn’t order show us the scales balanced of justice.

Yet the world is unjust, unfair, chaotic.

Be it be economics, war, religious doctrines, politics.

When we look at the vibrations they don’t follow order.

They follow their own accordance, if vibrations have a force such as order controlling their flow.

Then how come we can change vibrations be it be in a positive or negative way.

But those are under cause and effect, if I strangle someone they will die, which is law and order (cause and effect, magickally speaking) in action. Interesting topic, and interesting ideas. :slight_smile:


I think the best way I can describe real world “order” is to point to nature itself. Everything in nature is so delicately intertwined remove an animal or plant species, or add one where it dose not originate form (bolth of which we have done) can through entire ecosystems out of wack. I think that might be a good representation of order.

If I lost you let me know.


Yeah I agree but what I’m trying to point out is order is as present as light, darkness, chaos, life and death.

Order lacks in certain places not everything has order, but light is everywhere so is darkness, chaos is a huge factor in our planet and death is the inevitable.

So if you compare order to those forces they don’t really fit I see order as a force yes.

But it’s not a primordial force, order is a result of a action.

Where a primordial force is a force that has always existed.

I even considered what you said but from what i’ve learnt from the spirits themselves order is a weak force which can be changed easily.

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Put that way, the same could easily be said for its counterpart chaos.

I will also concede at the moment for I can feel the strength and conviction in your words for you experience. I hope you continue to grow, learn and evolve from this.

I find that meditating on darkness, the void, abyss, or whatever anyone deems a worthy title of its depths, really empowers me. I never feel any intent from it, only incredible and powerful vastness.

@C.Kendall Yes! Good to see I am not the only one who has done this. I did an invocation though. If I am not mistaken this sounds like an evocation.

Void is the ultimate form of Order…

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I completely agree with you, @Anziel_Merkaba.

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