I can't give birth to my servitor!

So now I tried to give to my servitor I even did the "light from the dark " ritual and my servitor eyes opened automatically but he didn’t cane to existence and I couldn’t communicate to it telepathyicly why is this happening I did everything right , and willed it to really exist but nothing happen , am I one of those people who can’t do magick ?? What are your experience when you gave to your servitor and it sucessfully born , if you failed what did you do next ??

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Nobody can’t do magick

But plenty of us don’t get immediate instant results and have to practice

It’s a skill… like anyone can pick up a pen and draw, but those who practice their art can in time paint beautiful pictures


I have already tried two times creating a servitor ( both were successful in creating a presence but both never borned , how many tries more I have to attempt, how much longer I have to wait , I can’t live like this anymore I can’t live with failures anymore but thanks I will practice

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Doesn’t sound like a failure though…

Just not completed to your satisfaction yet

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How do you know you didn’t succeed?


I don’t feel its energy and some people have told me that after you create a servitor and give birth to it you can communicate with it telepathyicly

he opened his eyes but didn’t come into existence? explain there’s a disconnect here for me.

also servitors dont have their own energy, they have the energy of the one that created them.

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Well it yes I am not satisfied because it has not been born and start his work for which I have created it for

In Damon Brand’s method he told the when using light from the dark ritual you breath life into the servitor he said " servitor might open its eyes on the first breath automatically but might have to will it " in my case when I gave it three breaths he open his eyes on the first breath and and kept his eyes open for the next two breaths but I didn’t communicate to it telepathyicly and the servitor power is to add strength to my body when I workout and regenrate my muscles faster but I didn’t felt his powers working when I worked out

Servitors have to learn to do those things, if you do not have ready knowledge for it to learn from it has to learn on it’s own through trial and error and the way with less force, of course some things servitors will simply not be capable of doing right off the bat, your muscle regeneration time will def take some time for it to learn and apply because that’s dipping into manipulating physical things.

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Ok I will wait more patiently this time and I will work on my patience too thanks a lot for this I was confuse , now I realised if I have faith in it will show signs of its presence thanks a lot

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