I can't direct my spells towards me

I think this might be quite basic, but even though I’m not knew to magick, I can’t for the life of me make my spell results come towards me and only me.

I’ve started with wicca some years ago, now got into Chaos magick and have seen some results in both. (So, I know I can spellcast and work with some servitors, not build but work with the 40 servants).

But EVERYTIME I do some magick work it goes to people around me! I’m so tired of this.

I put the effort into it, think only about myself during it and then the job goes to my brother, the money comes to my narcisistic father and mother…

One time I’ve worked with this brazilian servitor RONDA and it’s supposed to look for money opportunities, either saving or making it. The guy that studies near me in this payed study room I go to suddenly says that he found out a great library near his home and he’s gonna save 700/month going there instead.

And he lived in his neighborhood forever, he didn’t know about that place. Just THAT WEEK I used RONDA he learned about that place. (He used to sit in a station right beside me).

She worked for him! I’ve had some small opportunities too, but even close to the job I asked her for.

I’ve tried working on limitant beliefs so I could receive my results. Didn’t make any difference on it.

How can I kinda close my energy, like not let anyone get the energy of the spell from me?

Or do you guys have any idea of what this might be?

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Meditate more frequently or use mindfulness/gnosis more frequently and strengthen your sense of personal energy.

You do not do this by focusing on your egoic energy, but by viewing yourself/your ego as the extension of a higher divine. Call it your higher self, but you want to maintain oneness and connection from yourself to the source “outside” of yourself. They are one, you may excercise this more until it becomes seamless and you are in general more meditative. That way, you will passively draw energy towards yourself.

By being not, you strengthen that which is.

-Lotan Vovin

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as you said that what you do seens to manifest to others, I could suggest you try to build your own servitors. that would make they more personnal i guess. I belive that public servitors work well for the universal questions, but the more especific and intrincate is the mission of the servitor, more I want to make the servitor myself.

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