I can't believe this!

I had been happy to throw titles, away when I left the 'christian right; Ministry also, everhungrered scholar, would about be it. But this week i went to do something noone would have expected. i went to a funeral home so I could deliver “Last Rites”, and was turned away. The fact I was not “Priestly Dress” but in black shorts t shirt and black bandana with pentagram/Baphomet Neckalce out- and this is the butthole of the biblebelt. More tripped me since I spent years and schooling in the land of the dead, playing such roles as mortuary Scientist,Body Removal, embalming and preparation, Funeral Directing and Burials,Forensic Autopsies. But I could not help but think, if I were dressed “less schockingly” the results would have been better.
My wife always pops, “You should start a church”, and truthfully there is a gaping hole and need in this area for more openly known LHP Practioners and Perishes and Clergy" i am sorta forming a luciferian LHP churchish thing, Called The Luciferium of Clarksville, Temple of the Left Hand Path- and try to get the Living -Otherkin in the area, kinda ecunemically evangelise being a Luciferian- if only as much as the never been to church since communion catholic fervence. We of the underworld are the very pillars upon which the world above can exist! And we are as proud of who and what we are as anyone has right to be.". sorry kinda slid there. but i am tripping on, i am actually making a “church” I cannot help but to fall to the hypocrasy {a skill I really love btw} and going to give me the title
The Most Reverend James Staples V- to run the show. i will have a Catholikish look but have a ‘truly mocking’ collar. i will do all ceremonies, for as many of the LHP positions as possible- “I just found out the hospice world needs us”. i have a farely good kinda rules book for as- with canonisationing as many works as possible, so noone at any stage need not feel better represented at critical times. i have alot of experiance and “muscle memory”? to resource from and always starving for more. blessed the glory of the Great Black Hole and the Mystery and Adventure to come our way!!! And even farther down the realms of "its a Whole New Exprience Reverend !! It is distinctly- A For Profit Enterprise, anti 501 c 3 bullshit, Voting Block ??? FUKYEAAAHH!!
luckily i will not have it turn me into an asshole- I may have started there. But what good is our world if we cannot make an appeal to those of our kind, for fear of having alike a well, you know.
Any thoughts wisdoms- printers or ideas?

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Sadly perception is the name of the game for normies i’m afraid, AKA if you dress weird they will treat you like a weirdo. :cry:

If i was going to open a Temple i’d try my best to do it like the Sumerians did, in that their Temples doubled as banks and brothels, i just really like the idea that no matter what business one goes into it for they are guaranteed to leave fucked. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. Otherkin?


Well, is there a requirement for dogma to be legally recognized as a religion in America? It would be kind of like a Spinal Tap thing: “Rule number 1: there are no rules! Rule 2: No outside food…” I don’t know. The trouble lies in structure. LHP, kind of by my perception of it, does not really merit any kind of church, even if it is for profit. At the same time, a LHP organization, for profit or not is not going to be protected in the same way a church would be. Just keep in mind where you are and what others in similar positions have gone through. Michael Ford has had to deal with a ration of shit and the church of Ahriman guy in Oklahoma is in a legal battle right now. The big question is, to me, would such an undertaking advance or limit my ability to see my will done?


@Woodsman81 not for me it wouldn’t (it isn’t necessary)