I Can't Believe This Was In A Kids TV Show (LOL)



What were they Summoning?

Occult symbolism is everywhere. Just look at lucifers sigil on models forehead in that recent topic.

It’s from Code Lyoko. They weren’t attempting to summon a demon or anything, they were trying to call upon a spirit of a ghost said to have died at their school. I remember this episode vividly because XANA(the villain who’s an AI which can possess people) was said to be the thing they were summoning and he fucked around with some shit to them


The pentagram is also not exclusive to the occult. It can also be attributed to the Star of David in Judaism. It’s even seen on the national flags of Ethiopia and Morocco.

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The Star of David is a hexagram not a pentagram, but otherwise yes, the pentagram is just a symbol of protection. It’s xtianity fear mongering and demonising all other religions it that makes people go weird about non-xtian symbols.

No need to buy into that minset, imo. There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids how to summon and get direct info from entities without the need of a priest to intervene for them.

Star of David:


at the very end they were actually successful and summoned something that wasn’t Xana lmaoo


We’re they though or was it just someone pulling a prank on them :thinking:

I found this one in an old cartoon. :black_heart::wine_glass:

Grimm - Hansel and Gretel

I have the original cassette of it somewhere in our cellar.

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Oh whoops! My bad. xD

Lol i think magic is so prevalent & powerful that uts made out as a mockery in a lot of things -and im not saying anything regarding this except kinda cute- magick is not accepted for its realness so its accepted as fantasy… which I’m sure we all know that. How this world is has been controlled magick and true spirituality calls it pretend in one breath and evil in the next.


Have you noticed that the “devil” goat with three points upwards is same symbol fir awen and goes way back to ancient Egyptian pictorial writing as representative of the tree and inspiration
I know im a natural ‘glosser’ of details & facts but right now my eyes are still sore n dry…nit much i can do but wait it out

The more we advertise and educate about the occult, the less asinine assumptions rooted in fear ignorance and superstition that the goddamn christians can ejaculate.

I am seeing a major trending towards all things occult and I am enjoying it. Superman, Dragon Ball Z, the Magicians, the Order, Harry Potter, Dr.Strange, these movies only inspire what may be possible.

Fuck the evil Christians, there bullshit bible speaks nothing about Satan or the occult. Like their false god, they have always been liars.

I love this scene from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1, episode 5:


Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain

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What cartoon is this? I think my kids would love it. :wink:

Ayy Code Lyoko! Where are you from?

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Oh shit! That’s Epic I love it!

But why though, OP? :thinking:

It’s not a big deal.

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I say let those that want to scoff, scoff because haters gonna hate, also not all people are supposed to be able to comprehend this stuff or even begin to understand the psychology or mechanics of the occult.
This is our weeding process, the way evolution works is those that go on to become successful and reproduce are the template for the next generation. Every generation we evolve a little bit more through natural selection.
As we have seen, occultists have a tendency to go on and become extremely successful in life once they get sorted. The occult is about a philosophy of interaction with one’s own evolution a strive to better ones self and understand the mysteries of the universe which will help them achieve ever greater levels of success.

To be successful in life is to be successful in reproduction. It’s the alpha that earns his right to breed. The alpha who is fooled into thinking a childless lifestyle is in some way a long term benefit is kidding himself. The law of nature states the one who reproduces and passes on his genetic traits is the superior male period. Nature doesn’t give a flying fuck about social conditioning.
Two distinctly different races are evolving right now. The majority of idiots that breed uncontrollably and the intelligence which for some reason seem to be not reproducing. Only the best of the intelligent
Are reproducing ever widening the gap between the two.

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