I can’t understand


Hi guys!
I’m Luciferian. I had a pact with Lucifer, I tattooed his Sigil on my arm, I’m
Studying everything I can find about him, I perform rituals in his honour… but…
I’m attracted towards other spirits, too…
Azazel, Pan, Saturnian energies…
I can’t understand: is Lucifer testing my loyalty to Him? Or he is inviting me to find my true nature?




Did you jump in too quickly?

Many people get involved in many religions or paths fully dedicated. But the truth is we are enormous god beings that learn what we can in specific places and then outgrow them. Lucifer can be a fantastic guide and mentor, but he is helping us to become our own gods and not his clone. Just my idea, feel free to ignore if it doesn’t resonate…


Did you swear in your pact with Lucifer to call upon no other spirits other than him?

Is there a time limit on the length of your pact? Most pacts aren’t permanent.

The whole point of magick is growth, and if you are not growing, then you’re doing something wrong.

Unless you specifically stated in your pact to call no other spirits, then there is no reason why you cannot call upon these other spirits while still upholding your pact. If you doubt, then ask Lucifer.


Evoke him and ask him yourself would be the simplest solution.

From my experience, spirits are like some jealous girlfriend. They want you to do whatever it takes for you to evolve.


From what I have heard Lucifer would usually refers you to other spirits to work with.


The aspects you cite are also masks or faces of Lucifer under the Draconian current - working with them wouldn’t be incompatible imo. You wouldn’t be ‘cheating’ on Lucifer to work with them… unless, as mentioned, you made a very restrictive pact promising that you wouldn’t.