I can’t really see or hear shit and I’m getting frustrated

The few excercises I’ve tried from here and else where haven’t really helped my Clair’s. I’ll do the excercises daily for a week or two then see absolutely no improvement at all.

I remember when I first started I was getting sp almost every night , I had a demon come speak to me during a an episode clearly , I could meditate for 30 minutes in the dark and sometimes see wandering spirits like outlines and stuff.

If it was outside I could hear animal footsteps walk all the way up to my universal circle then they would stop. I saw a flash of something running but then when I looked down that street, nothing.

I had very vivid dreams and know I astral projected for sure 3 times. I also got a glimpse into someone’s current life that I was trying to get back.

Nowadays ? Nothing. It’s fustrating because when I evoke freestyle I can tell the demons there by the feeling but can’t see anything more than a retinal flash or two and can’t even hear them telepathicly.

I tried that telepathic stuff and none of it ever lines up, I was just talking to myself. AFAIK my last few evocations the demons weren’t able or willing to come through for me for whatever reason and I get to sit and mentally masturbate on why not.

I don’t know why , it could be anything I can’t hear them and get feedback.

I’m throwing out the freestyle evocation with a much more complicated system with a lot of prep rituals for starters.

I’m doing chakra meditations and third eye meditations again and hoping that will help. Are there any good books you recommend on the Clair’s and astral devolpment ?

I’ve literally gone backwards not forward. I even had more spiritual stuff happen when I just started reading and getting into the lhp. This was before I ever tried anything.

So why the change over the last year ?

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Ok I’ll leave it to @Xag_darklight

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the problem is that you try too much,it should effortless to do the exercises and just do them without second thoughts,the second problem that was quite easy to fix for me is the attachment to the results and senses you must go effortless and non attachment
because of my derealization discorder its easy for me to see spirits but not feel them but i dont realy care about that becuase either way i will succed in the ritual whatever happens.
so detach from this world and connect to the nothing and simply be one with it,dont desire or will it just declare and see it happen.


I don’t think that is a good thing to have. That makes you vulnerable to delusion.


I know how it is and how to work well with but I got accurate visions of spirits and readings.

The delusions caused by that discorder are a desperate attempt of the mind to pleasure itself back and to be honest that doesn’t happen to me at all see that I lived with it and even studied it with articles and taking a look at my mind for that.

But I know very well my condition and even fixed it it does come back time to time but I heal it and its no where near to the point that I had it when I was younger.

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@Xag_darklight ok I’ll try to do that from now on. Thanks.

You’re making the whole process way more complicated than it should. Your main goal is to deliver a message - your request - to the spirit, then get a confirmation back that your request was heard. You really don’t need long one on one conversation. Many people get great results from simple petitions.

My suggestion…Prepare your ritual space, and repeat spirit name or their enn or incantation, until you notice “any” unusual change in your sensations or the atmosphere of the room. When that happens, tell the spirit your request to the spirit in any way or form you prefer. Verbally, visually, emotionally etc

Then close your eyes, and repeat the name or enn of that spirit over and over, while relaxing your body gradually. But keep your vision alerted and focused on the void/darkness that you can see. Wait for a flash of vision or hearing a voice or any other answer from the spirit to confirm that your request was heard. When this is done, end the ritual. If you don’t receive anything, you can repeat only this step next day or wait for an answer in a dream or by a sign in events etc Whatever the spirit choose to communicate with you.

If you just want a full advanced evocation no matter what for whatever reason, then keep practicing until you have success or find a personal mentor to guide you if possible.

Hope that helps. Good luck


Thank you. I agree with the premise that if your really want to stimulate your energy centers you need to evoke often. I think my down fall is really just jumping into it with nothing other than a simple banishing ritual and a sigil and petition.

A believe a structured system is better or more advanced evocation once you’ve done some prep of mediation and grounding yourself because it includes a lot of great prep work that utilizes your energy centers and invoking your own god like power.

Simplified , a simplified evocation isn’t as stimulating as a drawn out proper system. You need to practice both.

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Your basically doing too much lol they like the effort but you need to take it back Abit is sll