I can’t get into the Samhain spirit

Usually, the drop of temperature from summer heat to autumn chill would put me in the mood. It would always remind me that death is near. Not necessarily for me, but just right around the corner. That feeling would invigorate me, because I could feel there was something unearthly in the air. The gates are opening. I remember one of my fondest October memories was coming home from school, opening the blinds, and watching Billy and Mandy as the sun sets behind an old baron tree.

Now that I live in North Carolina, the trees are becoming baron but the temperature doesn’t seem to be dropping. I’m living on an old family farm. Of all places to be, this should be the spookiest place around this time of year. But I’m just not getting it. Honestly this sucks.

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Get out of your emotions and go do something physical that has a satisfying end result, like digging a ditch, building a rockery, or making a shed from wood? :thinking:

Physical work, ideally outdoors and exhausting, fixes a lot of things, I have found.


If you’re in a new region, then the olfactory triggers - and like you mention, the temperature drop has changed in your new environment.

With that in mind, are there any food, drinks or particular spices that you traditionally associate with samhain? Scent, which I believe to be food for spirit, is also strongly associated with memory, so perhaps preparing foods or drinks (if you have any youre accustomed to eating or drinking around this time) might help. Also, why not try meditations to engage with the energies of the fall? You mentioned the trees are becoming barren, why not find a tree losing its leaves, sit under it, and contemplate the dormancy many plants undergo during this time, and how this connects to the aging/lead up to death in the cycle? Also a great time to reach out to ancestral spirits, if that’s something youre interested in - you could spend time honoring your ancestors. And decorate! If thats something you like. Make your space “halloweeny.” Maybe even go for a walk in the woods, take in the scents - if the leaves are falling, surely you will pick up on that distinct scent of decay, then maybe try to pull up some episodes of billy and mandy for that nostalgic aspect and see if it helps.

Just some ideas!

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