I can’t figure out if I can put zodiac signs corresponding to spheres (Kaballah/Astrology/72 names)

From Goetic words of power - Tristan Whitespeare

I’m trying to figure out if I can place zodiac signs above the spheres to correspond bc usually on the tree you place the zodiac signs and tarot on the paths

I have a wheel which I’m not sure if I can post as probably copyright- I knicked it off Pinterest for my purposes which suggests I possibly could

But I can’t figure out how I get Malkuth in on my list of daily influences with my chart of the moment… unless I find a way to do this

Any ideas???

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Look to the Minor Arcana. They are assigned to the Sephirah and represent specific Decans of each Sign. The 2 of Wands, which is Mars in Aries, has the Angels Vehuel and Daniel assigned to it. So those two would be assigned to Aries. Also, keep in mind that the Minor Arcana fits the Chaldean Decans, rather than another system of Decans more commonly used to today.


Oh and I believe in this case Vehuel would be the first 5 Degrees of the first Decan of Aries and Daniel would be the next 5.


I was just thinking about doing that…

22 … cards would leave me with each repeating 3 times in the grid I think :thinking:

But I have 12 zodiac signs which would mean they could repeat 6 times?

And still lost on what I link for Malkuth/Earth out of my chart of the moment…

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And to represent the difference in the system of Decans, the 8 of Swords for example is the 1st Decan of Gemini but represents Jupiter in Gemini. And the Angels assigned to it are Umabel and Iahhel.

Crowley gives assignments for the Angels to each of the 2-10 Cards in the Minor Arcana, which he gives in 777 (Although he gives the names in Hebrew):

(And yes, it is in the public domain).


In my birth chart I worked out/still working out things like decans, principalities etc

But this author who reckons he was channeled it … however it actually matches an existing 72 chart so channeled or not, it existed… he’s linked up the planets how he has

For charts of the moment - daily influences

And you find out the God with conjunctions, the angels with trines and sextiles, and demons with squares and opposites

But he hasn’t said what he’s relating Malkuth to…

So therefore I’m not pulling out 24 possible influences daily till it clicks :thinking:


Like this?

images (8)

This is what I like better


Well, to the Ten of Wands (3rd Decan of Sagittarius, Saturn in Sagittarius) are assigned the Angels Reiiel and Amael, and the Goetic Demons Ronove and Andras.

For the 10 of Cups (3rd Decan of Pisces, Mars in Pisces) are assigned the Angels Asaliah and Mihael, and the Goetic Demons Stolas and Andromalius.

For the 10 of Swords (3rd Decan of Gemini, the Sun in Gemini) are assigned the Angels Damabiah and Meniel, and the Goetic Demons Paimon and Vine.

For the 10 of Pentacles (3rd Decan of Virgo, Mercury in Virgo) are assigned the Angels of Lauiah and Hahiah, and the Goetic Demons Bathin and Murmur.


Here’s what I can pull for today

Moon Sextile Saturn orb: 0 °
Yesod/Binah - Hakemiah

Mercury Sextile Neptune orb: 1 °
Hod/Chokmah- Vehuiah

Mercury Conjunction Venus orb: 3 °
Hod/Netzach- ESHAL

Venus Sextile Neptune orb: 4 °
Netzach/Chokmah- Lelahel

Sun Square Saturn orb: 4 °
Tipereth/Binah - Beleth

Venus Square Saturn orb: 5 °
Netzach/Binah -Leraje

Mars Trine Jupiter orb: 5 °
Geburah/Chesed - Pahaliah

Sun Sextile Mars orb: 6 °
Tipereth/Geburah - Rieyiel

Mercury Square Jupiter orb: 7 °
Hod/Chesed - Aim

But… :thinking:

Here’s what I’m left with

North Node Square Ascendant orb: 1 °

Moon Opposition North Node orb: 1 °

Sun Conjunction Uranus orb: 1 °

Uranus Trine Ascendant orb: 1 °

Saturn Trine North Node orb: 1 °

North Node Sextile Chiron orb: 2 °

Moon Square Ascendant orb: 2 °

Sun Trine Ascendant orb: 2 °

Saturn Sextile Chiron orb: 3 °

Saturn Square Uranus orb: 3 °

Moon Trine Chiron orb: 3 °

Chiron Sextile MC orb: 5 °

Mercury Trine Pluto orb: 5 °

Ascendant Square MC orb: 6 °

Jupiter Square MC orb: 7 °

Mars Square Chiron orb: 7 °

Venus Trine Ascendant orb: 7 °

Moon Opposition MC orb: 8 °

Venus Conjunction Uranus orb: 8 °

Saturn Trine MC orb: 8 °

Venus Trine Pluto orb: 8 °

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Like that but it’s still not making sense what in the chart of the moment you refer to as Malkuth…

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I would put it same with Kether, since one trees Kether is anothers Malkuth


But I don’t have it either on that chart :joy: that’s my problem!

Hmm unless Pluto??

I’d have Mercury trine Pluto Hod/Malkuth- Hayiel

And Venus trine Pluto Netzach/Malkuth- Yebamel

If I did


Not my problem :relieved:

Pluto? I don’t like the planes application beyond Saturn, so, can’t help there




Let me put this into perspective; There’s natural and manmade divination, at least how I’d call it. Oh so rarely does natural divination fail, zodiac signs included. They map our solar system, thus very real and physical influences proved to work in the way they do. This, is truly totally impossible to translate without marring the message, somehow, that is how translation works. Understanding it without words, being, is possible, but its a harder line to draw. Around the point where you can do that, zodiacs arent so valuable to you outside of already understanding certain things about your own body, your own mind, and some reflections of the world around you.

Only in transference, given to another, a worded translation of divination finds any value, and little at that.

The only reason you should know anything is because you need to learn how to work with what it effects, if you do not have the ability to do or act or think any new or intuitive way with the information, it’s useless. Which is why transference of information isnt always a good idea

So in this sense, the mapped zodiac to life itself proves to be real. Do we apply it to Sephiroth?

In the complex science of symbolism, maybe, but besides that, no. It’s used for it’s tools and it’s used for symbolism. Do you value symbolism? Yes, I think you can. Does it have power? Then use it.

Depends on you.

Manmade symbolism, or spirit made symbolism, only works within the boundaries defined. So if it’s not made well, it’s limited.

The tarot! Thats it’s entire issue. It ABSOLUTELY works, but it’s too limited. So adding that to the sephiroth can really shift the whole symbolism, for better or worse. For better, probably, but remember it was crafted.

To answer your question, TL;DR

I wouldn’t. The zodiac is universal the common sephirot doesn’t feel totally compatible with that tbh

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Malkuth is the kingdom of earth. Astrology doesn’t include earth because you’re standing on it. One way I’ve seen to read the zodiac of earth is the opposition of your sun.


Your malkuth is the exact opposite position of your Sun on the Astro chart.

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The chart is the correct one chanelled of not

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You could try manually inserting what would be the Terra sigil in the chart, opposite the sun: ▽

This is based on the traditionalist spiritual triangle which stems down from “God(s)”/“truth” and manifests as a slow decline as it filters down through the golden age, silver age, bronze age and iron age in the physical, historic plane.

The inversion of this triangle is the stemming from nature, from the soil, from Terra, from the “human reality”, upwards towards the cosmos/“God(s)”/“truth”.

Zeitgeist is correct. Because of the position and perspective from which astrologists observed from (Terra/Earth) in order to consolidate planetary cosmic theory, Earth was not included.


I’m getting very confused :joy:

What I’m trying to do is use the Goetic words of power books theory to find influences in the chart of the moment for each day

The 72 rays chart above shows them God at the top of the box, then the angel, then the demon

You work it out by conjunctions = Gods trines/sextiles = angels and squares/opposites = demons

I’m doing it for 3 people including myself daily and noticing that I’m never able to pull from the bottom row which I assume is where our charts of the moment must be differing as we are in different locations as I get the same for everyone each day

So I need to figure out what it is in the chart that affects that row…

I haven’t yet

I get exactly the same for everyone each day despite us being in different locations and the orders they come in differing