I can smell some smells out of nothing

So, this has been happening for a month right now i can smell things i read about like it happens everytime, like i was reading vomit on bird bones that was so gross smell. and of course maybe some times i smell some smells when they are not even there. and my visualisation is very strong while reading but isn’t that much when i do it by myself, any idea what can be the reason.
and also when i hear or see someone burping on videochat or voice chat i can smell it.

Are you sure this isn’t just an overactive imagination? What makes you think this is magical?


i dont think is magickal in any way but like why is it happening when it has never happened before?that is what i want to ask @norse900

Senses can change over time, similar to how someone’s taste buds can change.


I was reading about a girl gone missing in my town and as soon as I read missing I smelled this dead body like smell (In my culture when someone dies they bring the body home where family says bye to them before going to the graveyard so I know that smell) My senses aren’t as developed but I take it as my psychic sense telling me she’s dead , She’s still missing so I cant confirm and I hope I’m wrong. But what I’m trying to say is that if you connect things with the smell like a memory , sometimes it’s a message! Make sure you don’t have neighbours cooking wired stuff though :wink:

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Happened to me once when I was accumulating the fire element, I smelt something burning but nothing was. But then again it was either my clairsenses getting better or I really accumulated fire enough to physically smell that.

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I mean, it’s a thing that happens. It isn’t supposed to but it happens to me too. All I have to do is imagine something and I can smell it and recall the taste of it like it’s actually in my mouth. I think it just has to do with some funky brain wiring.

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I think it’s a minor case of Synesthetes?

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Synethesis here is what i found on google about Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia is the rarest form of synesthesia . An individual with this type of synesthesia can taste certain words or sounds. Oh not only taste but also smell i have like strong smell with maybe a little taste also

Thats not just funky its also rare atleast something rare about me