I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Yes i see a male figure with big eyes , looks likes hes smiling. Big black wings


You in a graveyard ? I see shades.


I a lady with big hair. Tall hair. Possibly relative


You have a woman on your third eye. She has a long nose. Older lady.


Thank you very much…sometimes i hear voices of a woman in a language i dont understand.


It’s funny you say that. I have sigils tattooed on my palms.


the right above the chair is see a face… looks 5o be male , almost cat like nose.


Ha, yes I am. That morning I got the best gravestone pics ever. Check this one out…


You enjoy the shades , you would love working with Bune


Thanks, I’ll look into it.


Clayton Ray Davies
It’s me


Hey i posted here a bit back and ive done some work and wanted to see if there is any change. Please consider doing mine😁


ZOMG A Zombie!


Try that one. Mid ritual in the mountains.


Edited myself out, as I am nervous posting publicly~


There are three entities that show up very clearly. One above your head, towards the back and one behind your right elbow.
The one above you and the one on your right are small, with round faces.
The one in on your arm and hand holding the phone, is a pretty woman, with long, blonde hair. I can see her from the top of her shoulders.
On what you have in front of you, unable to see if it’s a wall or tablet, there is a curved line, like a bent tail, about an inch thick, ending in what looks like a big triangle. One sside of the triangle’s very close to; but not touching the woman.


There are two woman showing up on the door to your left. They’re both very young and pretty.
The one closest to you, is much taller than the other. She has very long, dark brown hair.
The other one is shorter and much younger. She looks like the daughter of the tall lady.
There is something at your throat. Looks like a love heart from the middle down.


interesting, thank you.

you know…

That kind of reminds me of something. :blush:


Mind if I send you one via pm?


Hey i was just coming back to do your picture read lol. Sorry i took so long.