I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Curious to see who was around earlier!


Glad I could help. Thank you so much for the offer to assist me.


I see a woman with dark hair on your left arm. Can’t see her face too clearly, as your picture cuts off there. However, she seems to have a kind face, what i can see of it. She seems to be a relative.
Under your left arm, there’s the face of a dark haired boy, around 1-2 years old.


In the first picture, there is a very clear outline of an ankh above your candle flame.
To the left of your candle, there is a wolf.


Thank you for sharing, i appreciate it




Thank you :slight_smile:


Wow! Thank you!! I thought you were going to say nobody hahaha I wonder who he is.


Pardon my scowl. The security guard who took this was talking shit.


I see a younger gentleman on your right shoulder. He looks smug, like cocky almost… Like come at me bro look


I know its silly I don’t feel comfortable letting people my mug on here as of yet. Anyways hopefully my silly editing won’t impact or make any difference in terms of what you see.

Hope to hear from you sometime soon as this is exsitong stuff.


I’m also in the closet and a professional. If it alright, I’ll send a PM.


On each of your arms you have a dark entity kneeling and crouching down.
Behind your left arm is a short, dark man. He has what looks like a crown on his head.


Anything in mine? :grin:


There are two spirits with whom I am really close with, one of them is Belial, the one with the crown is likely him. The other likely candidate is Amaymon which would perhaps explain the other entity at the other arm.



Can you do my newer picture ? Thnx lol


Hi…i am curious can you please check mine…thanks



Thats me at work, I am curious what you will see :slight_smile:

Kind regards and Thank you


There’s definitely another hand under yours playing the guitar with you.