I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Any idea what that means?


Definitely the first picture. What is that?


This is a character from the action-RPG game, a hunter. The game is called Bloodborne and is about eldritch truth.
This game is super difficult and has a great Lore.
The game is made by the same creator as dark souls.
And the gameplay is identical masochistic pounding head on the wall. That someone had to know that I love lore from this game and the game itself.


An orb above your right shoulder.


Im curious what this post was gonna say @Vampirella_1



I’m looking at the background of the picture. To the extreme left of the person sitting there’s a big face, head and shoulders. Best way i can describe it, is like looking at a picture. It’s in colour.
Above the head of the person sitting, to the left of their head, is a dark entity, a man, that doesn’t look human.


Hey @C.Kendall that photo u got madd steeze…

Imma try to take a decent photo in the darkness of my temple, it may be blurry …but at least will have my spirits around…holla .
At least i hope these may…how bout i take a selfie after working some magick…
hope this works


a small fairy type creature over your shoulder


They’re definitely around you.
On your right, there’s a nice looking man wearing a hat and a bandana round his neck. Sort of person you’d see in a cowboy movie, is the best way i can explain it; but not quite a cowboy.


can I send you a pm, I was carrying lucifer’s sigil and noticed something but don’t really have the vision


Yes you’re more than welcome to do that. I’ll see what I can see, as I’ve only got a small, cheap mobile phone that’s not the best


Yes absolutely!


The bandana around his neck is exactly how i wear my bandanas when snowboarding. …

This could be my inner Daemon your lookjng at! Crazy interested now lol


Are they good?


Hey @Vampirella_1 and @Magpie57 heres a selfie done with an infernal arch-duke…i politely asked him to pose for a selfie with me and am emmensely curious if he did…he seemed amused when i asked so lol.
Super curious to see if you guys can perceive him…
Lemme know!
Thanks again!


I don’t see anything, but then again I can’t see spirits! Maybe one of you can spot something.


On your left, there’s a very very dark coloured face, that looks very like the face of one of the Ninja Turtles, with a smile on its face. At the very corner of its mouth, there’s what looks a brightly burning piece of coal.


On your right, behind you, there’s a man with a turban. The entity is all white and i would say the man has a kind face. To his left, i see smoke rising.


Thank you, that confirms Xerxes did pose with me in a selfie. Soo awesome. Now im gunna use my clairvoyant sight and try and see what you saw.
Thanks again. Let me know if i can return the favor or aid you somehow. In the near future.