I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Heyyyy! Have you seen my private message ?


Yeah just catching up, I have a lot. Thanks for waiting


I can only imagine how many requests you’re getting :woman_facepalming:t2:


I could just make out the shape of a humanoid figure.


Now I know what you meant. :flushed:


You do?


Are you still doing readings on photos? I’d like to PM you mine if you are open to it…


I’ll bite. Definitely interested…


Does the background need to be white or black or does the color matter as long as it is plain and solid?


Hahaha, I love you didn’t see anything. I was half in, half out. I must have snap that picture right as I was out and a half out part. Had a weird fugue State going on.


Something touched my butt last night and I thought of your comment right away, lol.




Doesn’t matter


Hard to see in this one.




Thank you Sara. PM was sent. Appreciate!


How about this?


lets see what you see again lol


Totally surprised the hell out of me. I sat there for like a full minute thinking to myself “Did something just…touch my butt?” :joy:


You don’t have to do me again if you don’t want to. This one is from before I was practicing magick though, and I’m curious if there’s anyone that was hanging around before that. I keep getting the strongest feeling that there was, but I don’t know who.