I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Damn that reminds me to charge my jewlery , maybe I’ll call Bathin


I called upon him in a ritual that involved a strong potion, but it probably will still work, only one way to see!


What protection magic and what is this necklace? :>

Nvm I saw the replies, thanks :slight_smile:


The necklace is one that I got from a friend for christmas. As for the magic, I created a sigil made of sigils, and did a little evocation. It was pretty powerful, it seems lol




Off topic but kinda on topic but I went to a flea market one Sunday and there was this Buddhist lady that knew a lot about me(like my sister’s name) ANYWAY… she told me I needed protection so she gave me a jade bacgua pendant, I wore it for a few months then took it off to clear it and it totally disappeared! When I went back to the flea market the lady already knew it disappeared but wouldnt explain… can someone explain maybe?


fuckin weird man, but idk


So this should be interesting.


sexy lookin as always :wink:


Here’s my ugly mug… Sorry no clear background…


If you get extra time would you mind to look at this one as well when the others have theirs?


Five-O is here! Hide yo’ stash! :smiley:

Lol lol lol


This is from last year


This is my troll face

But seriously I would be grateful for the scan because I would know what attacked me and what its intentions are.


I should probably ask…is this a good grin from Belial or an “I’m bout to fuck you up.” grin?


Has he fucked you up yet? Doubt hed allow us to capture his photo if he intended to.


You make a good point lol


Okay well heres a picture of my altar, let me know if you see anything and thanks


I see what looks like an Asian woman above your right shoulder in the white


It’s his mischievous grin when he’s up to no good haha