I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Hope you respond to mine. Can only see when i project and i dont know any clairvoyants in person.

Thanks in advance


Sure give it shot, I don’t always see stuff, it’s no biggie


Hmm I don’t see anything in yours at this time. U can try again if u want. They don’t always show up


Very nice emf blocker necklace you have :grin: I see a green aura and a very small face on your left shoulder. Looks like elf ears would look to me. Seems to have male features.


Thats impressive! My aura is usually a blue green. The elf looking one is curious to me tho. Been trying to figure out what she is!




Have you seen it before?


No but ive been aware of her for a year. She lays with or on me, has a sunburn like aura, she typically does me favors. She can incite nightmarish visions, assists me in activating my kundalini, and guides me. So her intentions i assume to be good.

She has fucked with my human girlfriend tho so that makes me think she is the succubus i petitioned for when i first started out with witchcraft.

She sometimes gives me smells of frankincense or essential oils that i have and she likes, to tell me to burn some im guessing.

I havent seen her because as of now theres a spirit that screams in my fucking ears whenever i try to project and then she appears and stops me, tho i dont think this is the spirit you saw, since im away from the house she is attached to and have seen this screamer a few times, doesnt have elf ears.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he was quietly hanging around. While I haven’t had a chance to work with him, like I said, I’ve seen him during a meditation. Not only that but the only other magician I know irl has worked with him in the past.


Alright, I will summon possy one sec


Hmm I don’t feel she’s negatively affecting you, yeah not the screamer. She’s more mellow.


I also feel she’s protective than jealous. Maybe she didn’t agree with your choice of women, or thought they would get in the way of your spirituality.


Not sure man, I feel like iam being blocked from reading your pic


huh… I wonder why… maybe…give me a sec


Whatvdid you do? I can see now . I looked a second time. I see a lot of very masculine looking, almost super hero looking spirits w u


it must’ve been me taking my necklace off!


Holy shit!!!


the question is; does this mean other times that people scanned me was not right? Because I was wearing this? I don’t think so, but I don’t know


No idea!


Impressive protection tho.


apparently so! Blessed be Bathin, for he helped me extremely!