I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


There are so many entities around you
I’ll pick out some of them:
Two male entities above you, on your right. One of them is older and has a white beard. Grandfather?
Above you, on your left, two more entities and below them, a male,with very, very black hair and very, very black eyes, looking directly at you.
At the top, on your left, an older women,with grey hair, looking at you. Looks like she’s protecting you and also giving you a message.


can you channel the message?


She seems to be lovingly telling you “You’re a naughty boy”!



in the place i was thinking about ala’tahl’asta i think that she is the older woman,if i remember correctly she said that she is protecting me


my mind got to azazel and belial!


very good scan thank you!


You’re very welcome.


Use visualization. What i did to get better (im still no pro, but i can journey now at least) sit down every day, try doing it same time, stretch, warm up (push ups or some other exercise) then sit w a candle. Picture your self in your imagination climbing out of your body and walking around your house. See your house how u remember it, every detail. Thats the muscle to work. Plus u have to stop drinking flouride asap if u do including toothpaste. It calcifies your pineal gland. Your teeth will be fine. Mine are stronger than ever. 6 years no flouride. Eat healthy etc. Its all part of it.


hmmm not sure about that but let me see if i can find a more recent picture and see is he still there


HAHAH well…just wondering when i was a baby is there any spirits near me? (i dont mind people seeing my baby me lol)


Do u mind if i do something energetically to your third eye real quick? I see something blocking and im going to pull it out






Do so :eye::grin:


Ok relax, u might hear some buzzing but wont hurt


OOh…does the other person feel anything normally?


Ok :blush:




Wow u have some strong energy , it made me a little dizzy haha


Sexual energy , tantra energy , very strong


Yeah depends on person. They might see more than feel really