I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


If he wanted to do you harm i think you all ready have noticed that. Just stay calm i think all is good don’t wory… :blush:


Its maybe 2 or 3 weeks old


Just wanted to say that i love the background. are you greek?


i am cypriot


well true but i have no clue on how did he get here nor do i even know him


Your soul can be old you know. And he might be interessted in you. So i think you will know some how why his with you.


kind of guess it right. questions are just pilling up and up.


What do you think this messege means?


Try still your mind ad not focus on any thught at all fore a while cald void meditation. Then you can ask a question in your mind our out loud Who he is. When asked a question still your mind and just wait for a answer. :blush:


love this^^^


Recently underwent some medical procedures and was reluctant to show my face, but I’d be curious to see if anyone can perceive anything interesting or significant.


damn…its either he is hiding or i am talking to other spirits. Because i hear names like: Juntin, Tony, Elisabeth…and a few more but i cant seem to talk to that demon…ARGH! i feel like when i speak in the spiritual world, i am speaking through a loud speaker so all spirits could hear me


Try to imagin you go back in time to your momory of you standing there in that hall. And you ask him ho are you what is your name. Like you are all ready there with him. Then again completely still your mind to recive a answer. Might work but this is just me trying to help not saying this will work. :slightly_smiling_face:


i will try it a few moments later but i could feel his presence( i think its him anyway ) however i could just ask a question about everything instead of a question about anyone (name and stuff) i would get a reply. I bet he is not ready for sharing his name to me but meh ill still ask him no matter what


He might not wan’t you to share his name. Be respectful and every thing will be alright. :sunglasses:


ah it could be true. Oh well, let wait for that day to come


Oh well that’s nice :slight_smile:


No. I believe hes there guiding you.


Thats for you not me


I belive so to.