I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Dragon at least, that’s the term I use for dragons


is that a good thing?


Could be, dependant on what kind of dragon it is. Could be your familiar


Thats really cool. Thankyou mate.


Aww. Just saw this thread. What a shame to miss it .


I have another image, taken in my home. I know I’m connected with fae; but always have had some things follow me. Can you see anything around me in my home?


Friend says I have a gold aura, is that what you meant?


Yeah I suppose so. My colour perceptions are a little off and weird at time. Still developing my sight beyond :sweat_smile:


That’s a great thing! Thank you ^^ I’ve been told before blue and green as well, but gold is most prominent? Are multiple auras possible?


If I remember yes it is possible. I think most auras reflect the Chakra you resonate with the most


Okay, thank you!


HAHA dont mind the background and me…lol its a oldish picture but could you see any thing beside me?


No i dont see any spirits per say but i have a message. Sometimes what you think matters so much… doesnt matter at all.


Wow i see many faces in both of your pictures. What is that smokey look. Amazing.


Wow. Your eyes are very intereting. I do see a reptilian look ing face behind you. But your eyes tell a story of a super soft side and a side that couod rip out someones heart with their bare hands if provoked. I say their because its like theres two of you. Not sure that makes sense to u but


Ugh ya theres a giant demonic lord looking dude to your right. Hes makes you look very small. He looks alot like hell boy , weird


Yeah i see alot of blue green aura or reflexion of the wall . I feel your connected to water elements or water spirits but u have a fire energy as well . Very conflicting.


Yellow definitely . Dont really see any faces tho your certainly protected well.


Here we go. It’s somewhat clearer than the last one.


I see what looks to be pan and baphomet behind you