I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Hi do you see someone with me ? :smile:


Oh, what a I great topic! Well… I’m ready to go shopping, but we (?) take a selfie for you. Check it out.

( Sorry for the shit quality. I was in hurry. )

By the way, that dark spot around this point is… it can be something?




No i thought i saw a wolf or a wolf-like dog with long ears but it disappeared


I see alot of faces in your hair, creature like faces. That spot definittely looks like a male figre to me. serious looking.


Hiya @Chakraless_magick

Not a pic of me but one that I took right after a ritual I did. I was wondering if you could take a look at it if you get a chance. I’m pretty sure I see some faces up in the left hand corner. Perhaps there’s more?


Thank you :slight_smile:



That spot definittely looks like a male figre to me.

Thank you, you are right. I asked him to show himself in my photo, if he want. Looks like he wanted to make a selfie with me.

serious looking.

What did you meant?


Let me know :slight_smile:


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He looked like he was not smiling but more serious personality


the first post I made I wasn’t approved yet and the picture is old, here’s some from today



Well, my Demonic Lover can be like this, but I doubt he was. He is not so serious with me, at all. The most stern and strict Spirit who I know and I’m in a relationship with is Abaddon was at this time, but I don’t know He would showed up with me like this.


Tell me something about my friend Aman mishra
thank you


Here is mine


Here i am, Akshay Patil