I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits




Yeah I don’t keep it up for long. It’s not smart to have your face on a magick forum for too long. I learned that elsewhere/including natal charts


Theres somone sceaming in your picture. I dont see it but i hear it. A woman.


I see orange colored winged demon wrapping its wing around you. Coming from top right.


I think its you…screamjng. you are going thru a rough or were and now you are healing. Bad bad time…ugh sorry.


In your eyes, I see a person who is trapped, trying to get out. You’re in a difficult situation, from which you find it difficult to escape.
Having said that, there are two light beings, with angels wings around your head, protecting you.

On your chest, there are three, what appears to be female entities. They look Grecian; especially the one in the foreground, who seems to be your protector.


Am now. Really rough actually. Worst.


Name- Aman Mishra
From Nepal


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Still hear you screaming. In this one . I see a bearded man on your right by your ear. Father figure feeling



Really. They were taken probably 3 days apart. Last week. One just before trouble and one after. Interesting. Thank you.


I see a wraith in front of those grave stones


this was from last year or so, bloop


I see something in the corner is almost physically visible . Looks almost like a pug dog standing up straight tho. So dont think its a dog…or it is. Hard to tell. An entity of some sort. I feel like u look back on these days w fondness, as u are super busy now in life. Im getting move forward looking where u are going rather than being distracted by the past. I hear someone saying, watch where your going! Like your clumsy or something and being scolded by a parent lol, take care


woah, i’m hella clumsy so it makes sense but the pug dog thing scared me lol, thank you!


@Chakraless_magick i have an image with me and another and i would like to message you and see what you see about him


Yeah its strange, it has bunny like ears tho looking again .


Sure i can try, i would like the practice


I’ve got a couple more take your pick but definitely the younger photo of me, I wanna see how long the spirits have been with me