I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Post your pictures . I will post what I see in reply. Plain background is best. Thanks! This is super fun to me! (Of course you can edit yourself out if u wish)


Here’s mine! Excuse the messy hair and tired face, rough week!!


Hey, could I send you one privately?


Sure I’ll see what I can see


Great! just pm’d you


I’m a little nervous about posting my selfie up here because I’m still in the closet about practicing magick, but I’m far too curious to pass it up. This was the closest to a plain background I’ve got.


Glamour or not, you girls are hot :)))

I can’t post my picture here, im a professional in a specific field and can’t be affilied :joy:



Im sending one in PM :slight_smile:


I can clearly see a Alien looking being behind you, big eyes. Friendly, guide. And also a woman… She has a kind face, and definitely loves you intensly. She may be a passed loved one.


I can clearly see the faces of at least 3 spirits, 2 woman and one male looking creature with what kind of looks like tentacles on his face. The woman have huge eyes


Thank you! Do they mean well?


Yes absolutely


Scrolling up I see a man grinning behind you as well. He looks like Belial to me


I’ve seen the name Belial many times in different threads, I need to do some research! Everything is starting to make sense, it’s unbelievable! Thank you


That was actually for the other lady but u seem like belials type haha go for it.


Have you worked with lucifer


I haven’t worked with him, but I did see him during a meditation once, and I would like to in the future. Why do you ask?


That’s so cool! I assume the woman is my grandma. I was closer to her than any other family member, and I took it kinda hard when she passed away. She did everything for me and made up for the fact that my parents weren’t always concerned with taking care of me. She was really big on getting up early in the morning to sit and watch the sunrise and birdwatch. She was really into hummingbirds and had all these feeders around her deck. After she died for several years I’d see this hummingbird every once in awhile while sitting outside smoking cigarettes. It would kind of hover in front of me then take off. I always wondered if that had something to do with her.

I haven’t ever worked with Belial but I’m now interested. I wonder if he hangs around often.


Because thats who i saw.