I broke through in the Astral

This was probably my first time at real astral travel, it was insane. I was in a dream on the astral plane with a succubus who had an interest in me. we got together and did things but I blew her off. We had an argument and she left. I was pretty upset because Im a dumbass but I remember telling someone to take me to her.

It was Belial

without saying a word he grabs me and we move into a vortex at the speed of sound like sticking your whole body outside of a plane type of fast - probably what dmt users experience and what constitutes failed breakthroughs or “sleep paralysis”

The realm I enter is unreal, it was like the real world, dream within a dream, in this case a hospital, yet I was floating and everyone was transparent.

I believe belial told me to go to room eleven I look down and see a large shadow and look up and see belial he was an old man with a boonie hat (lol), but his grip on me (shadow body) wasn’t strong enough and i broke off of him as we entered through a doorway. I flew across and through many people with weird water spraying sensations on my left foot

my consciousness was similar to ego death. I was in a volatile state emotionally but I had no fear and someone was trying to communicate with me through the doctors and nurses there, like every single movement and word spoken was new and foreign to me, acid and shroom users know what im talking about

my question to you all, where tf was I, still in the astral?

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You went from a dream to astral projection? that’s usually one way to enter the astral/collective unconscious is through transitioning from your own dreamscape to the astral bulk.

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ok so that’s what it was, I thought I was already in the astral

yeah, it was insane

The number 11 is the core of Magick and at the center of the Creation/Destruction dance. I don’t know all of the circumstances with the dream, but that part definitely jumped out at me.