I bought the Monroe Tapes,making progress;how do I make the most out of it?

I have brought the hemi-sync astral proyection guided meditations. Im having mild yet steady success.
I mainly want to learn about the “protected areas” of the astral realm,where they are,why to avoid them,(?)etc. the Vatican? the white house and the pentagon?
and a related question is finding stuff I dont previously know is there,but finding it trough remote viewing/astral form travel. Such as a secret abandoned nuclear bunker somewhere,for example!

People on this forum have said they have pet psychics that will see you and attack you. Avoid obvious control centers like military bases and you should be fine. You can probably find the posts if you search the right keywords.

It has to be something recognisable, where something like it is something you have seen or know of already or your subconscious can’t describe it to you in a way you’ll see it. You can only combat this by always learning new things, like watching documentaries and such, to try to get a much experience in your memory as possible to provide matches. like, literally read encyclopedias type of thing, or yt “tp 10 things you didn’t know about x”.

Just be careful:be aware that one seen, things that can’t be unseen and you can be traumatised if you stumble into something your mind isn’t prepared for.

I’ve been told by remote viewers, that a general rule it’s helpful to pick targets that are super interesting, they help keep the mind focused on the target and not wandering off bored. Keep good records by writing it all down and you’ll start to see patterns of what your mind thinks is interesting and what it misses.

For myself, I find man made things and people boring, and my mind tends to wander off and I’ll end up remote viewing the mountain next to them instead or something :slight_smile: That’s a thing I have to know about that I do, and work through to get better and stay on target.

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That point about seeing things that can’t be unseen is really important.
Because knowing me, the first place I’d go after I’d get proficient in that skill is probably Treblinka, or an Apple Sweatshop.