I believe I've had my first successful contact

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty excited to say that I think I’ve managed my first successful contact with a spirit. Though I really had and have no idea what I’m doing.

The last few months I’ve read and watched a lot of information from E.A. Koetting, Damon Brand, V. K. Jehannum and Gordon Winterfield…and to be honest was and still am pretty lost as far as were to begin with this path. Just with some of the differing views and overwhelming information.

So, I decided that I’d just try and make contact with me as inviting as possible. I drew Lucifer’s sigil in my notebook, wrote his Enn beside it, pricked my finger and traced the sigil with my blood to give it life as well as charged it to the best of my ability with E. K’s method. I then offered cigarette and cannabis smoke to Lucifer by verbally inviting him to partake with me in either or both substances and then blew the smoke onto the sigil. I did this invitation/offering for two days, a couple of times a day.

So this morning, which would be day three of doing this, I did the cigarette thing, with no cannabis and read Lucifer’s Enn aloud several times, lit a red candle and set it in the shower in my small basement washroom, out of my direct sight. Next I shut off the light and sat on the floor so I could see my mirror, but not my reflection.

After a while I saw the wall in the mirror appear to change texture, to almost look like a stucco rather than wall paper. and it appeared to be lit from the bottom rather than from the lower side that the candle was on.

A little later, I hear a very audible sound that was kinda like really bristly hair or quills brushing against the wall I was leaning on behind me. This felt so real that I felt the wall vibrate with the scratching/scuffing sound and I damn near shat my pants. I jumped and tried to keep looking at the mirror and said “i’m still here, but please don’t scare me like that again”.

Just a few minuets later, out of the peripheral of my right side I saw the yellow light of the candle turn a deep blue and shrink down in the shower, like it wasn’t as bright as it was before I kept looking at the mirror and the texture had changed to a smooth kind of look and then the candle light was back to normal and it was like it was so fast I couldn’t see it change back.

After a few more minuets, I asked out loud if we were finished and I didn’t see or hear anything, then I asked if we should keep going and again I didn’t see or hear anything, so I said that I was going to leave and thanked the spirit and stated that I wanted nothing but peace between us. I then closed my eyes, closed my notebook, blew out the candle and was done.

I don’t know what the fuck that was, but holy shit it was intense for me. Certainly the most “spiritual” experience I’ve had. I have no idea if that was actually Lucifer or someone else, or just all in my head, but I am over the moon about it!

Do any of you have any input? Or pointers or criticisms?

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Congrats - although I don’t personally do evocation per se you sound like you got something at least this time. Probably a braver person than I.


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Thank you! I don’t know if this was just a happy accident or something that I can repeat, but I definitely will try to replicate the result as well as experiment with other methods.

Check with the people on here as to whether scratching through the walls is normal in an evocation it sounds like something of a horror movie to me, I would be shitting my pants probably, id be doing lbrp’s all day. Maybe it wanted you to know and without incense perhaps it couldn’t do that ? Maybe set up a triangle of evocation and magic mirror - define the terms of the evocation a little more stringently.


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@bingohandjob I definitely will be researching incense today, and probably picking some up if I can get it locally, if not I’ll order some. I should say that I used tobacco smoke as part of what V.K. had said that it’s “good” for working with spirits.

And you are right, I really do need to do much more research, including triangles as well as mirrors and many other things.

I very nearly shit myself with the scratching, but was much less scared with the light changing color. So, I dunno what to make of it.

I do recognize that I certainly went off half-cocked and really don’t know what I’m doing.

I think there might be a message there in regards to the light changing colour. Dark Blue is the colour of the third eye chakra for example, was it telling you to use your astral sight ? It is linked also of course to Jupiter. In regards to demons Lucifers colour is blue according to this site anyway - its all ive got really.


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@bingohandjob Thanks very much

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