I Became the Dark Chariot and How You Can Become The Bearer of Darkness too

Becoming the Dark Chariot,A Bearer of the Plague Of Darkness.

There in my day I could feel Bael Coming through me and seeking me,it’s been a journey of seven days that i been awaken from my sleep at the same hour of Three in the morning.everyday,Upon the light of a morning Bael Finally spoke and repeated this message:

“Become the Chariot of Darkness,The Bearer of the blackened Plague of darkness”

Among other titles And Alternatives like “The Dark Prophet”.The work to become the chariot of the Infernal empire and of the darkness as a whole is a another step into The Path of the black alchemy,In this exercise You become a vessel,A Living Link between the infernal empire and the physical world,thus you help expand the infernal empire and covenge it upon the world,One of the titles “The Bearer Of The Plaque” Has the symbolic meaning of Carrying the darkness,The “Evil”,The “Corruption”,The “Plaque”.The Meaning lies behind the agenda of the gatekeepers and the infernal empire as a whole,The infernal empire calls us to free ourselves from the Divine,to be free from the paths,to be free from the circle,from Karma,the divine Laws,Freedom from the Slave masters is Corruption for them,Is Evil from them,It is The Black Plaque of the infernal empire,its what devours their light,the light of lies,the light of the lie,The Agenda of the infernal empire is that of freedom and true power,they call you to become autonomous,they call you to be a king among them?Will you Enter the gates?are you ready to sacrifice everything to become the Greatest version of you,a king and a living god of your own kingdom,

For that The Gates must be open,open them wide,open them wide,become the bearer of the Dark Plaque,The Abomination of Gods,the sin and lust of gods,

I Am The Dark Chariot
I am the everlasting Darkness,
I am The Sinful Abomination that gods lusts,And i open the gates.

For this Exercise and meditation of opening yourself into the darkness,you must embrace Emptiness,the emptiness of the soul,empty yourself from yourself,The Man of darkness Must sit upon pure darkness around him,physically and spiritually open yourself into That Darkness,

Feel Darkness around you,Feel Darkness within you.

Now as you focus and connect into that darkness speak the chant,the song of the Father of darkness,the Father of the dark void,The Father of the infernal empire,the father of the Acasual Realm the Dark Void,the Dark Father is Satolas the Primordial Void,

Speak,Chant,Vibrate :

“Ram Ham Satolas,Ram Ham Satolas,Ram Ham Satolas!”

As now the lord of darkness manifests in darkness you may see flags,hear trumpets,roars of wild demonic beasts and warlords,or if you see the two or three red glowing evil eyes know that the emperor arrived,Satolas Came.

Now Empty yourself.

Empty yourself from yourself,

become no one,to become the darkness,to become yourself.

Push all your likes and dislikes out,and all of your attachments of the outside world and of the inner out,to become nothing,the black void,when you feel empty and even possibly deprived,know that you deprived,thristed and hungered yourself from attachment,now continue Falling into that blackness inside of you,and dive as darkness,dive as a god in the inner infernal empire,become the herald of the infernal empire,become the human chariot of the infernal empire,become the sword of the demons and swords to the devils,the mouthpiece of the emperor.

Now as you deprived yourself and emptied yourself,Now You can become the chariot,as you fall into the blackness,do your last few focused breaths in the inner blackness and say

“Alash tad alash tal ashtu”

feeling the powers of darkness convenging around you and inside of you,chant it,chant the words of the covenant of darkness,see the great old serpent rising in you,rising as yourself,see yourself as a head in the thousand heads of the great beast of the abyss,the emperor,know you are a king,and you spread the empire of the emperor,your empire,your kingdom,of your legacy,of your corruption,the infernal empire.say the words of the prince.

“Ram Ham Satolas,Ram Ham SatolasRam Ham Satolas.”

In a low hissing voice as you chant feel the darkness convenging,becoming you,and now you are the Dark Chariot,the Infernal Messenger of rounds beyond rounds,from the core of the infernal empire,from Satolas,into this round,the evolved realm,so that may the infernal empire will rise.

This something that i included in my upcoming writing for the bael compedium,i know its very early to say that but i am being taught some truly incredible things by Bael and the gatekeepers and this,and Ithought To Share this sub-Chapter as it may help you and help everybody to open the gates and walk the first step into being a dark god in the path of darkness,
Dark Blessings Brothers and Sisters.

Alash tad alash tal ashtu

Ram Ham Satolas.





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