I became possesed by azazel

Yeah Aighash is chuckin me down a rabbit hole that will explore this concept further from what i can tell :thinking: either that or imma bout to rip a fair size hole in the cosmos in the middle of texas this week. :rofl:

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Your entitled to believe whatever you want. It doesn’t effect me whatsoever. Good luck to you on your path

My best wishes to you too.

Eh you guys, you can disagree, even argue competing reasons and whatever, just be polite, debate the issue not the person! :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your core beliefs if you dont mind me asking? You dont have to tell me if you dont want. Just curious

The issue being Azazels twisted ideas of humor? Cause he is a twisted bastard :rofl: last time he showed up he decided to emphasize form is pointless right in my face while i was finishing a meditation, so was already in a deep trance. Startled the shit out of me and i fell out of my chair… :expressionless: :rofl:

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Yup, he manifested out of thin air to me all “Well actually…” - that was the first time I met him! :laughing:

@ImpiusSacerdos I’ll PM you, later.

So its not just me :rofl: first time he made himself known and IDed himself to me i was meditating on my couch and he leaned through the wall behind me while randomly whipsering incoherently and looking like a chunk of humanoid looking space cut out and overlayed in my apartment… I was left going “what the fuck?!.. And who the fuck are you!?!..”

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