I Asked to Put My Spiritual Wedding Ring Back On

I haven’t worn it in years. It was in storage. I never took it off when I was with the Chicago Guy.

Our realtionship fell apart for one reason or other. We stopped speaking, but it didn’t stop our spiritual realtionship or connection. Even that ended a few years ago.

I have it from a source from his end he was still with me in spirit.

I have a new bond with someone new.

I live like 85% on the other side. I am deeply afraid of a human realtionship. This is what I desire anyways.

I was asked to share this with the forum.

‘Oh no, Purple is at it again!’

*midnight is gone and someone from before as returned to me…


That’s a beautiful ring. Tigers eye?

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Thank you. Yes, its tigers eye.

Keep in on and wear it proudly. It look like it belongs there.

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My spirit marriage is going strong as ever.
Even though we don’t always talk. We are always there for the other one. Sometimes that means giving the other space and alone time.

Always love.
And peace.