I asked Sargatanas for something

Okay, thank you so much for advices!

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I hope to have a great working relationship with sargatanas, that you all for asking a beginning topic. And awesome and informative answers and I hope to learn much more.

Thank you. Be Blessed, and @ogisha023 and @anon84896414 may your abilities grow stronger.


Thank you too! Wish you the same!

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@ogisha023 have you tried working with Sargatanas? is he receptive, and what level of difficulty would you say he is to work with?

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I’m not really sure, but I don’t know did Sargatanas help me or not cause I can’t hear spirits yet, you can try working with him :slight_smile:

I can hear but I never understand, just voices, but I tell you this. Get a sigil, say the name, get comfortable I personally lay down, "meditate " say the name again, and again, and oh boy you will feel sargatanas, he is strong very very very strong.

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There is a shortcut to activating your spiritual senses. I activated Baals sigil and asked for possession and he immediately pulled me into his world where I met him in his throne room.
The sigil with my intention of wanting to get stronger psychic senses written on the backside I put under my pillow and the next time I did the Cleansing rite of the goddess (a LBRP adapted for dark magick work from Enoch Petrucelly) I could see and interact with the beings.

Apparently pretty much any higher demon does this for you. Check out Black Witch - a Grimoire of Demon Tongue. I chose Baal because he is known to not fuck up your life so much with tests.