I ask for advice - insomnia

Hi! I ask for advice. The sleep mode went off after starting working with demons. There is so much strength and energy that I don’t want to sleep at all. At night I wake up at 3-4 in the morning and it is very difficult to fall asleep, there is a presence. Due to circumstances, I practice near or in my bedroom. Could this be the cause of insomnia? I do sports, but I still have enough energy for a few days without sleep. Is it possible to do something in this case to improve sleep? what are your tips. Thank you.


Do you practice regular banishing? I also practice in my room and am aware of the importance of keeping it nice and clear.

If you’ve recently started work with different entity types or methods it can take your energy system time to get used to these different experiences and this can be quite disruptive.

Insomnia can of course have many mundane causes and solutions. These are always worth considering in the first instance.


Yes, I work on banishment every time. My last works were related to Orobos. I haven’t worked with this demon before. Can a symptom of poor sleep and frequent waking up be associated with it? his energy of presence in my room. I know that there are those here who love Orobos and often work with him. I hope they will give advice on how to restore sleep mode when working with it.

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It’s possible.
I get insomnia during certain astrological events - ie for several days either side of a supermoon.

Rose Manning’s book Healing Magick has a handy ritual for sleep. I’ve found it works well for getting to sleep, but not always so well for staying asleep

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try tea with elder flowers
I always fall asleep after 20 minutes

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Have some chamomile tea and recite this:

Sleep of the just (for insomnia)


Cheers and hail Anubis.


It’s been shown that reducing the temp in your room can help facilitate sleep.

Unless you have blue light blockers (glasses), it’s a good idea to minimize any tv/phone use an hour or so before you plan to sleep. Limit caffeine consumption of course.

Don’t eat late, have a cool shower, turn the thermostat down.

Also, some phones have a night mode that changes the screens light to reduce blue light.

On the spiritual side, banish than meditate or do an energy grounding exercise.

If you’ve got excess energy, you need to ground it.

Good luck. :crossed_fingers:

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causes of insomnia:

irregular sleep schedule - solution: wake up every morning at 7AM and stay busy most of the day - be strict and disciplined - maybe you are too well-rested

gym overtraining (weight lifting) - solution: 2 days training, 1 day off and repeat - if you are training hard and until failure, never train more than 3 days in row, unless you are on roids or PEDs (recovery as a natural lifter really sucks) - you must avoid cortisol accumulation that leads to insomnia

diet problems - lack of carbs (from keto diets) lead to insomnia - solution: eat some fruits (bananas, apples, grapes) & have a greek protein yougurt right before bed

too much caffeine / energy drinks / preworkout during the day or before bedtime - solution: well, this answer is obvious - cut the caffeine

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When laying down, imagine your spine and chakras are vibrating to a low pitch. ( at your own risk, of course. ). It helps me fall asleep.

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No one will give you a satisfactory answer because on this forum almost everyone is obsessed with the lust for power and they do not focus on the basic aspects of life. As they say, sleep is for the weak.

In fact, it’s the most sensible answer so far by @Cairo

There are many causes of insomnia and I can’t help you without knowing your life, where you work, what your family situation is, etc.
I can only give general advice
Generally, insomnia occurs due to cycle disruption, stimulants and stress = disrupt sleep cycle
Give up all energy drinks, vaping, stimulants - you will have more energy without them.
Don’t watch pornography before bed, it’s also a stimulant and disrupts your sleep cycle.
Invest in a good mattress and buy a mattress topper with thermoelastic foam.
Don’t buy one mattress - generally, this type of foam is expensive and they add maybe 2 centimeters of it in multi-layer mattresses. An 8-centimeter mattress topper made of this foam costs little. These are two mattresses.
Change the things that stress you, think about changing your work environment, home (if possible).
As a last resort, you can use Trazodone. This is a medicine prescribed by a doctor and as such it should be used as directed. You can also use calming herbs. One two days of good sleep and you should sleep normally.
Go to bed early, 10 p.m., and the later you go to bed, the more difficult it will be to fall asleep.
In fact, all you need to do is break the abnormal sleep cycle and everything should return to normal.
2 days should be enough.
Eat something well and fatty with plenty of food before going to bed. Fully fed cells will make the body feel comfortable.
Tire your body, work hard. As Solomon said:
“Sweet is the dream of the laborer.”
Find someone you can share a bed with if possible. Why is it so easy to fall asleep together? Sense of security.
There are many more methods, but I won’t go into detail in the book Angel of Omnipotence I saw a certain sigil.

2 days. No more is worth the time to invest in solving this problem.

Well, maybe it takes some practice and time to understand some things and resolve things in short time but it’s easy. Do not worry.

There are also mantras and incantations - did I miss something?

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