I argued with my wife

And she kicked my altar dedicated to Lucifer. She called it ‘bullshit’.
She opened the window to throw out the items and while I was closing the window, she gave a kick to the altar.
The chalice is broken now.

Will Lucifer Punish her? I hope so …
Any thought?

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Well a friend got fucked over by Lucifer just for saying he was better then him…

So I would say yes


Ooh yeah, I think she’s gonna get whooped, in my opinion… :hushed::anguished:

But for her to do that is really selfish. Destroying someone’s property, just because of an argument, is a little childish…


I have an intuitive sense that he probably will not. While this is an act of disrespect, for one, Lucifer is actually pretty patient and he has a lot better things to do than deal with someone who broke some stuff dedicated to him in the middle of a marital argument. He’s the Emperor of the infernal realm. For two, her anger wasn’t even directed at him, it was at you, she was attacking you through this act not Lucifer.

I would say that he wouldn’t get involved.

You need to work out your marital problems, even if that means separating from each other, not sit around hoping that The Emperor will feel offended and snap at her.


I think it’s time to chose one of the other.

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If my wife interfered with my spirituality I would be considering my options. It’s not my business what you do in your marriage, but that’s probably something Lucifer is bringing to light. Anything that’s not beneficial and conducive to your growth would be exposed and brought into the spotlight when working with the Enlightener. Just my opinion. It’s probably something you could work some magick on, like getting a spirit to visit her in dreams or what have you. Divorce isn’t my go-to fix if there’s a better way.


I agree with that.

I would ask “What were the circumstances that you haven’t told us that led up to your wife coming into the room and getting into a sufficient enough state to need to get your attention in this manner”?

If you have been practising your personal beliefs without any issue for a period of time and then something has caused her to get upset to this level, hmmn?

Don’t wish punishment on her if you have in some way contributed to the upset.

You are very much respected here - we know that, but you must ask yourself if this was totally without warning or there was a build up which you haven’t for various reasons shared with us.


Well. Daddy isn’t pleased. Yes, she will feel it.

Thankfully I’m not in that situation but it definitely narrows down options even more. I would never ever choose a person over my beliefs. That’s got NOPE written allllllll over it :ok_hand:


Well @Vovin you clearly know what happened and if you contributed to this in any way whatsoever, if it was a single thing or a slow build up or even if it wasn’t directly related to your beliefs at all and this was a convenient target.

Short of having watched the whole sorry episode unfold only you and your wife will know what happened.

Will she be punished? That is really debatable, one would need to question if you had any part in this to cause her to snap, in which case you may well receive some kind of punishment too.

Perhaps neither will have anything happen.

Perhaps the punishment is people telling you to make a decision re wife or beliefs - if that is the case please remember that divorce is truly a punishment for both parties and especially for any children involved.

Those are my thoughts - forgive me if they go against popular thought.


I don’t think that’s an unreasonable hypothetical to point out at all.

Often when we hope someone will get “justice” for something they did we forget our own involvement in the situation. Then when the justice comes…

Everything is subjective. Lucifer will do as he sees fit for this situation.


Here are some things to think about.

  1. Did you begin working with Lucifer before or after your marriage? If it was before did she fully know all about it?

  2. Perhaps she is frightened by your involvement with Lucifer. Consider it from a mundane person’s point of view. For the past 1500 - 2000 years Lucifer has gotten a LOT of bad press and Christianity has made him out to be the father of all evil. Even if she is not a christian the fact is that all of western civilization is saturated with christian references. Some of the bad press is decidedly secular. Perhaps at some point in her life she watched the movie the Exorcist or at some point listened to the words of the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil. So I think it would be hard for any mundane person from western civilization even an Atheist to not get freaked out and afraid. And if we all are truly honest with ourselves that sense of danger and taboo is one of the things that attracts all of us to the LHP.

So talk to her, listen to her, really listen to her. And if you can’t resolve this somehow. Go to counseling from an open minded marriage counselor.

It does concern me that you want Lucifer to punish her because your wife is someone you made a vow in which to love, and to care for life. The old Gods respect and honor the keeping of vows Also marriage isn’t just a secular thing it’s also a spiritual thing even if your wedding was before a secular judge. The keeping of an oath is an opportunity to ascend spiritually also.

The first thing I would do after listening to your wife is to apologize to Lucifer for your wife’s behavior a and ask him not to punish her. Also ask Lucifer to help resolve this in the Wisest way possible. If you could gently convert her to your side that would be helpful it always helps a marriage if the couple has the same Gods. The emphasis is on gently bringing her to your side.

The next thing I’m going to say is very controversial and will probably piss off a lot of people. Marriage is a partnership between 2 equals and it is hard work. Think of your wife as the heart and soul of your family. You are the head and protector of your family. Being the head of the family does not mean you can lord it over her or make unilateral decisions. Being the head of your family means that you provide Wise spiritual leadership. The best leaders lead though influence. You are also your family’s protector. Of the 2 of you, your wife is the more vulnerable. She is more vulnerable because she can get pregnant and have to go through 40 weeks of pregnancy, hormones fluctuating wildly, then nursing and being a mom. You wife needs to feel safe in her home. As a mundane person she probably feels terrified of you having a altar to Lucifer in the home because on a emotional gut level it goes against 1500 - 2000 years of anti Lucifer propaganda. That emotional gut level understanding happens long after intellectual understanding. It will take a long time.

That is all my thoughts for now. This is a difficult problem and I certainly don’t have the answers. I’ll continue pondering your problem and if I think of anything else I’ll write it. -Blessings


The reason she became upset is because, in her opinion, I spent money for items. She said ‘you are crazy. You are devoted to the Devil’.

Oh shit…

Hmmm. Ask her if she would have been just as upset if you had spent the same amount of money on having some drinks at a bar without her? And see what she says.

I think what she said above is important. That’s where her fear is, That’s the issue that has to be resolved.
I don’t mean to restate the obvious I’m just thinking through this. You see Lucifer as the bringer of enlightenment and she feels you are worshiping evil. Two diametrically opposed views. This is a tough problem.

Marriage counseling may be the way to go but finding an open minded counselor is the key.

Would your wife be interested in reading a book about Lucifer?

Return her.


While Lucifer is all about evolution and personal transformation…he don’t take kindly to people fucking with his shit.

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:point_up:THIS about 1000 times over


If it was just a tantrum then it will probably blow over. If she actively begins interfering in your work then things could deteriorate and you can expect that she may be driven out of your life one way or another.

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