I AM, Yahweh, and using language as a tool to tap into latent divine power


I should mention first that I am not a true polytheist. I honestly believe that all entities, godforms, spirits, demons, angels, what have you; are all masks of the soul of the one, true god, which is myself, and each individual in their own right.

So, the divine name that God gives to Moses is ehyeh asher ehyeh, “I AM THAT I AM.”

This passage is rich with esoteric wisdom. I am going to give my own personal translation from the Hebrew.

Exodus 3:13-15, "13 And Moshe said to the gods [Elohim], “Look, I am going to the sons of Yisrael [Israel] and shall say to them, ‘Gods [Elohim] of your fathers has sent me to you.’ And they shall say to me, ‘What is his name?’ What shall I say to them?” 14 And gods [Elohim] said to Moshe [Moses], “I AM WHO I AM [ehyeh asher ehyeh].” And he said, “Thus shall you say to the sons of Yisrael [Israel], ‘I AM [ehyeh] has sent me to you.’” 15 And moreover gods [Elohim] said to Moshe [Moses], “Thus shall you say to the sons of Yisrael [Israel], ‘YHWH god [Elohe] of your fathers, god [Elohe] of Avraham [Abraham], god [Elohe] of Yitzchak [Isaac], and god [Elohe] of Yaakov [Jacob] has sent me to you.’ This is my name forever and this is my memorial from generation to generation.”

Elohim comes from Elohe and Eloah, both of which refer to sons of El in Canaanite mythology. It is a carry over from an older and polytheist version the Semitic religion.

YHWH, also known as the Tetragrammaton is considered such a holy and sacred and powerful name that it was only pronounced once a year by the High Priest once a year. The pronunciation has since been lost, but it’s not difficult to find out. We know from various textual hints that יהוה‎ is pronounced as Yehuvah. Yehuvah’s etymology comes from the Hebrew root הוה which means to be or to become. Which is also the root of ehyeh, “I AM”

As a funny side story, in the Septuagint, the YHWH was written as the Greek phrase ΠΙΠΙ, which looked like the Hebrew יהוה‎. This word in the Greek is pronounced Pipi, and so we have a few early witnesses who bemoan Christians at the time who were calling god: Pipi.

But, the passage contains such esoteric wisdom, here is how. The multiple gods speak to Moses as I AM. Then, the gods command Moses to tell the Israelites, “I AM has sent me to you.” Basically, Moses was sending himself, he is using a mask to tap into his own divine power and authority.


And so, I was thinking. I could just use language to create passwords to aspects of my own divinity and use those to influence my will upon the earth.

So, I decided to use the Hebrew language because I understand it, it’s really easy to make names with, and the Hebrew people were an alien race who came to earth during the time of Atlantis. They possess a lot of esoteric and occult knowledge.

So, I wanted to seduce an individual who was being a bit non-committal. So, I created a password to access my divinity. Pethahiah, pethah means to open, seduce, or deceive. And iah comes from YHWH, which is connected to I AM.

So, I got in a comfortable position lying down on my back and I entered a trance while breathing through my pores. I used my living imagination to create a temple. I put out candles in the four directions, lit them clockwise, and put a circle of salt around me. Then, I evoked Pethahiah, and it appeared to me as a very seductive female angelic entity. She had golden shoulder length hair, golden-brown eyes. She wore a golden dress which barely covered her breasts. She also had large white wings.

So, anyway, as a manifestation of my divine seductive energy, she fit the bill. And so, I visualized my target, and I said:

I AM seduces him.
I AM deceives him to love me.
I AM opens his mind towards me.
Messenger of I AM, manifest the will of I AM.

I then sent her away, closed the circle, and left my trance. This was on a Friday. Saturday, things started to click in as we came to a compromise about our relationship, and then today, Sunday, he initiated a sexting conversation, complete with pictures (let’s just say that there was a happy ending).

So, I’m going to say that it worked wonders. I manifested my divine power and authority to manipulate a man’s will to mine.

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Excellent post!

I am glad to see that some else is getting creative with Hebrew and not just rehashing the same old same old.

Cheers to Pethahiah.


Taketh not My name in vain, dear message-bringer, lest ye misinterpret My beliefs:

That’s just one example, I’ve stated a lot on here that my views are identical to those outlined in the Kybalion, so, just wanted to set that straight - as you were kids! :slight_smile:


Taketh not My name in vain, dear message-bringer, lest ye misinterpret My beliefs:

That’s just one example, I’ve stated a lot on here that my views are identical to those outlined in the Kybalion, so, just wanted to set that straight - as you were kids! :)[/quote]

Duly noted, dear goddess. I shall change it at once.

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You, sir, have some very interesting views of how things work. I have just began realizing the immense power of words myself, if used correctly.

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I am a total language slut (English language, as that is the only on I speak with fluency, but give the etymology of any word in any language, and I am putting in the speaker’s hands). I love that you are using the power of language in your magic. I don’t know if you realize what a huge step this is that you’ve taken…something that takes some sorcerers/esses years to figure out. I’m bouncing around with happiness and am off to read my giant Oxford dictionary!

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This is what I love about magic. When you get away from all the doctrine and the tradition, virtually anything is possible. Good work.

In this thread, yesterday I was trying to get to sleep…But, I had had a big nap after work, and sleep wasn’t going to happen. So, I created an entity that would help me get to sleep.

Yasheniah, “I AM Sleeps.” I just repeated the name in my head and I was asleep in fifteen minutes. So, yay me!


I want to mention, that this ritual was successful, and I did end up seducing the object of my desire.


What would be “I AM Wealthy”? or “I AM Prosperous” or “I AM Abundant”?

I have a mantra and visualization that I do every day:

“I AM wealthy, I AM rich, I AM living in abundance and prosperity. I AM attracting large amounts of money to myself. It is mine to keep and to use as I choose.”

I’m not familiar with Hebrew. What little I do know about comes from the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) and the Middle Pillar Ritual. So, if I can do for wealth what you did for seduction, I’m sure that this will be effective.

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