I am/was able to feel a water body in 500 m distance.[Innate Psychic Abilities]

Hello everybody.

I am/was able to feel a water body (sea, river lake…) when I was near one, lets say in 500 m distance.

Note: This was without me knowing that there is one nearby; not even seen it, hear the sound of waves or smell it.

How I new or feel I was close to a water body?

I usually started to feel a pressure in my chest (like a person under panic), my heart couldn’t beat properly and the air becomes thicker… All this to generate sense of fear for no reason.

Has this happen to anyone of you? Share your experience…

And what could be a “technical” explanation for this?

Thank you

What was it that made you realise the pressure in your chest was because of the body of water?

Your energy body was being affected, and that had a knock-on effect for your physical body via the meridians and hence to to the organs. Water allows energy flow very well. This is the basis of the geomantic art of Feng Shui. Geomancy is a very neglected art in the west though. But yes you can find water and other thig using your energy. Look up water diviners.

Not from water, but I’ve had all these as symptoms of psychic attack. In this case you look around yourself with your minds eye, locate the cause of the issue, such as a parasitic entity, and attack it right back. Problem solved, feelings stop.

When I was kid I had an uncle living by the beach, and we used to go there on the weekends. Whenever we got close to that area I started to feel pressure in the chest, just like the pressure you feel when you enter the beach or a swimming pool.

Many years passed, and I was walking in the streets of a “ghost” new city Hangzhou New Zone, and at some point I started to feel that uncomfortable pressure again, I turned the street and at distance I see a water body, later I disvovered it’s the Hangzhou Bay.

I’ve bee ignoring the lessons of Feng Shui. You just raised my interest on the subject :pray:

That’s a very usefull ability :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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In this case i would look at the destructive part of the element cycle. Water impacts Fire, and Fire is associated with the Heart and stomach organs. If it’s affecting you that much in your chest maybe check your heart is strong and has no medical issues.

But you also said you had breathing issues, and too much energy is as bad as not enough, so look at the lungs as well as these are associated with water. A good way to do this is to find an acupuncturist who can do pulse diagnosis.


Thank you, I will read more about this subject